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Several months ago, a co-worker asked me for the name of my celebrity crush. I had checked out her memoir from the library the previous week and had just begun reading it. I called up a friend and laughed. It has been difficult to completely disengage our lives. We have similar tastes in books, the same sense of humor.


Our Favorite Characters From ‘Portlandia,’ From Feminist Bookstore Owners to Avian Accessorizers

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These are our picks for the 20 best Portlandia sketches. There have been birds put on all of them. The only thing that would make this better would be another Danzig cameo.

Refreshingly cool. With an escalating series of continually awkward scenes and a Truman Show -esque ending, Portlandia pokes fun at omnipresent creative freedom while crafting its very own work of art literally. In the world of Portlandia , even the canines have their exhausting quirks and a day romping at the dog park means running a social gauntlet — especially when Kath and Dave show up. In this gem from the second season, they introduce the other dogs to their precious little Quicksilver, who was rescued from a tsunami.

Both a lively send-up of modern masculinity and a genuinely sweet little parable about marriage, this Season Two sketch is another self-contained story that has a satisfying beginning, middle, and end. Armisen brings out one of his best dismissive manchild performances as the charming Ellen Bloodworth attempts to keep him in line while his wife goes out for a work dinner.

The behind-the-scenes video above explains it all. Now imagine the smell of their apartment. Oh, wait, sorry! In just three minutes, we get a complete story that only gets funnier with repeated watches.

Do knot miss this sketch. Get it?!? Portlandia is as much about our consumption of media as it is an actual piece of media for us to consume. And this this Season Three entry — a perfect companion piece to the Battlestar Galactica binge-watching sketch — skewers the seemingly impossible task of staying spoiler-free, all while simultaneously spoiling a wide series of increasingly strange television and movie picks. Did you see this sketch?

Did you see it?!? Hellbent on one-upping each other when it comes to something as benign as casual magazine-reading, Brownstein and Armisen exhaust themselves while naming every possible permutation of publication and potentially incendiary article, a clever enough idea made positively dizzying by quick editing. Exactly one skit in to this series, we already knew we were going to love it. A clean slate might sound like a good idea at first, but without a digital footprint and a set of emoticons to contextualize it, even the most liberated Facebook hater turns into a ghost.

When do they get a seat at the table of power, besides all the time, every day, literally for centuries? Thank god for their one safe space: social media. What follows is a musical number is that reveals M.

Rounded out by star-studded surprise appearances, including Edward James Olmos passed out on a couch the guy is tuckered out, okay? Say it with us: One more episode! The show may revel in picking apart what the kids are into these days, but it consistently excels at reminding viewers what things are really like once their days of wine and roses are behind them. Also: No one is too old to get up early to snag Prince tickets.

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He is, understandably, disheartened by the difficulty of finding love and seeks outside help from the arranged marriage service, Amore. It is unclear whether or not Fred ends up with an Italian woman from the old country because he brought his mom with him to the consultation or if Amore is really a mail order bride operation. Either way the sketch plays hilariously.

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Toni and Candace become involved in women's healthcare. Peter and Nance deal with a spicy sushi situation. Kathleen becomes the first female partner at her firm. A single guy interrupts Brendan and Michelle's couples' dinner. Donovan and Maggie offer sandwich solutions.

Portlandia is ruining Portland: feminist bookstore publicly cuts ties with show

The final season of Portlandia is on the way, and it already looks like it'll go out with a bang. In just three minutes, a new Season 8 Portlandia sketch speaks to workplace gender dynamics regarding equality and sexual harassment — all with a brilliant comedic twist. And the timing really couldn't be better. Coming up on the one-year anniversary of 's epic Women's March and in light of the sexual assault claims toppling corporate America's patriarchal foundations, the Portlandia sketch will likely strike a chord with any woman in the workplace. The award-winning sketch comedy series takes on these relevant and highly controversial topics, and makes them funny and relatable as hell. Yet the comedy in the piece still reflects much more serious, deep-rooted issues. The sketch takes place at a law firm office in south-east Portland. In a meeting, the boss Paul Fred Armisen announces that after 17 years with the firm, female colleague Cathleen Drake Carrie Brownstein has been named new partner and first female partner. In the room, where Cathleen is one of three women, she attempts to give a brief thank you speech, acknowledging why it's been a challenge as a woman in the work force, when her boss chimes in and insists that his compliment about her eyes that one time wasn't sexual harassment Her many attempts to continue her speech fail when the men in the office eagerly hop on the same train and narcissistically ask, "I'm not bad, right?

Portlandia Review: Friend Replacement (Season 7 Episode 6)

Armisen left and Brownstein photographed on Dec. The first of the final 10 episodes airs on IFC on Jan. The show didn't get away from us. Portlandia debuted in , six years after Brownstein released what she thought was the final Sleater-Kinney album.

These are our picks for the 20 best Portlandia sketches. There have been birds put on all of them.

The popular US comedy Portlandia reflects how those on the left love to make fun of themselves. In other words, Portlandia, which has just begun its eighth and final season, would be about privileged, white, artsy liberals — Armisen and Brownstein — skewering the lifestyles of privileged, white, artsy liberals. The question, however, was: who on earth would watch what seemed to be a show for the tiniest of niches, focused on a Pacific Northwest city best known for sharing a name with Portland, Maine?

Goodbye, ‘Portlandia’: Carrie Brownstein on Show’s Most Memorable Characters

Comic vignettes chronicle the lives of various offbeat fictional characters in Portland, Ore. Chloe Sevigny Alexandra 51 Episodes Kumail Nanjiani 9 Episodes Jeff Goldblum 6 Episodes

The first sketch deals with the evolution of the sandwich. The mound, which is the bowl of food without the bowl. Finally, the thing they are trying to sell you, grounded up chicken pushed through a lawn sprinkler. And it makes me want to puke. Then we get into the sketch of the show, where a woman named Kathleen becomes the first female partner at her firm after 17 years of working there.

Fred Armisen Can’t Keep Quiet in Portlandia Web Series for Subaru

Carrie Brownstein on saying goodbye to 'Portlandia' — and the stories behind the show's best known duos, from angry M. But what started as a way for Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen to lovingly poke fun at the most ridiculous aspects of boho and bobo culture evolved over time into a finely honed series of character sketches. How do you perform heterosexuality? There was Toni and Candace, the passive-aggressive feminist bookstore owners; Nina and Lance, whose relationship explored everything from safe words to what happens when your partner befriends faux-intellectuals; and Kath and Dave, who were super duper psyched about literally everything that happened to them. But it was interesting to explore.

Feb 10, - Portlandia presents the lighter side of social anxiety on Season 7 Episode 6. We and our advertising partners collect personal information (such as the I am socially awkward, and this episode of Portlandia really speaks to me. TV News Wrap-Up: Female-Focused 'Star Wars' Series in the Works at.

Not only does it realistically show some of the pitfalls, but turns them into quirky and endearing moments. I am immediately transported into her shoes when she gets anxious about questions from her co-workers. Being a huge worry wart, I can attest to the accuracy of her performance. We get to revisit her later in the episode and see that she is trying an all banana diet that turns out to be unsafe.

But on Thursday afternoon, Shanti, one of 20 or so volunteers who run the roomy, neat and slightly worn down space on North-east Killingsworth Street, confirmed that the doors would no longer be thrown open to the producers of the sketch comedy. Over six seasons — beginning in the very first episode — In Other Words was transformed into the fictional Women and Women First bookshop, over which reign Candace and Toni, a duo of radical feminists. The space itself — with its chalkboard calendar and homemade shop fittings — will have an immediate familiarity for Portlandia viewers.

The result was one of the best portraits of workaholic creativity ever made—a glitzy, funny, and unapologetically solipsistic fantasia, set deep within the mind of its self-destructive antihero, Joe Gideon, played by Roy Scheider. As the series underlines, while Fosse became a legend, Verdon was his silent partner, responsible not merely for bucking him up but for editing and styling his greatest works, without credit. With her, he amassed a shelfful of awards, none of which brought him much joy. Meanwhile, Verdon was lied to, undermined, and burdened with every household responsibility.

Carrie Rachel Brownstein [5] born September 27, is an American musician, actress, writer, director, and comedian. She first came to prominence as a member of the band Excuse 17 before forming the rock trio Sleater-Kinney.

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