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Meet the parents best scenes

Tem para vender? Venda na Amazon. Meet the Parents. Compra verificada. Desculpe, o registro do seu voto falhou. Tente novamente.

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Tem para vender? Venda na Amazon. Meet the Parents. Compra verificada. Desculpe, o registro do seu voto falhou. Tente novamente. Meet the Parents is one of the best comedies of the last 2 decades. Its basic premise is simple but the script, the acting and all the comedic elements compliment each other very effectively.

It's the suitor meets the father story. The father Jack is brilliantly portrayed by Robert DeNiro who typically doesn't play in comedies or he hasn't typically starred in comedies with few exceptions.

He is perfect for the role and so is Ben Stiller who plays the suitor Greg , who is dating Pam, Jack's daughter. Greg is a nice fellow but Jack is the type of father who is overly critical of Greg's qualifications and things get from bad to worse quickly in a series of misunderstandings and mishappenings. Even though comedy is not my favorite genre, I hold regard this one very highly. This is one of the few modern Hollywood comedies in my collection.

This movie remains one of the funniest movies I have ever watched. I had it on VHS when it first released, many years ago. It has been a long time since I have owned a working VHS player, and it's been quite a while since I watched this movie. My wife and I were recounting a few of the funny scenes from the movie, a few weeks ago, and I decided it was time to watch it and own it again.

After watching it, again, I still found it to be quite hysterical. This is one comedy almost everyone will enjoy! I imagine the people that didn't like this flick probably watched it alone, or maybe with a significant other. Many comedies need a group viewing theatres obviously work best to get the full laugh effect. I viewed "Parents" twice: once alone with my wife, and again the next day with a few relatives over. It was definitely "funnier" the second time. Likewise, my 2nd screening of "American Pie" solo did not produce nearly the same laughs as my first screening with my beer-swilling friends.

I believe setting has a lot to do with how a comedy is perceived. That said, "Parents" was a funny flick. I am not a big DeNiro in a comedy setting, but he handled himself great here. Ben Stiller has obviously found his niche and was again funny here. Teri Polo looked juicy and held her own with Stiller and DeNiro. The future in-law family was incredibly funny, and Owen Michael as the rich ex-fiance was a gem.

The running gag on Ben Stiller's last name Focker never got old, and managed to generate laughs by itself. The cat storyline was cute.

The DVD has some great extra features which add a half star to my rating. All in all, it is a fun couple hours where you suspend belief and have some laughs.

It is what it is. A winner on every level! This is a film that I winced at every time I saw its trailer. I had NO intention of seeing what looked to me like a one-joke, sophomoric film aimed at people in their teens and 20s, at the exclusion of the rest of us old fogies. So what happened? Opening week, good word of mouth, great reviews So the next weekend, I went in and found myself howling out loud, doubled over at how crazy and deliriously funny this picture was.

The thing you have to remember is that trailers and ads usually give away most of the best scenes and are solely responsible for getting people off their rears and into their cars and into their seats at the theater. A marketer's job is to make a bad film into a winner on opening weekend, at whatever cost. This is why so many bad films come up big at the box office on opening day and then peeter out in a couple of weeks.

To make matters worse, I was unimpressed with the ads and trailers to "Meet the Parents. But while watching "Meet the Parents," the context of these scenes were fleshed out and the result was equal parts nonsense and intelligence. It made the film a first class winner, the funniest picture of the year. Seeing movies in a theater are a joy, and to me, time is more important than money. It's on my list of the top ten pictures released in I was amazed at how the story piled on layer after layer of wild situations; it was like watching one of those great screwball romantic comedies of the 30s and 40s.

The best thing about "Meet the Parents" is that the material is not, as one favorable critic put it, "dumbed down" despite its premise. And when it does, it doesn't make you feel exasperated, impatient or frustrated. It's hilarious. My favorite scenes are the "crying poem recital," the "drag race" won't say anything more about those, see them yourself! So the trailers had me fooled. Reflecting back, there were two keys to this film's success. The first key is the execution of each scene.

You might not be impressed when someone tries to explain the film to you, but when you see it on the big screen, you see how there is a logical progression to the insanity that develops in "Meet the Parents.

It's played straight and that's what makes "Meet the Parents" funny. The second key to the success of "Meet the Parents" is the most important Ben Stiller is so damned perfect for this role. Despite the sheer nuttiness of this film and the horrible situations he gets thrown in, Stiller's innate intelligence comes through. Despite what happens, he's not an idiot. His reactions are priceless and he doesn't play the role as a dufus.

He's a guy with common sense who desperately wants acceptance by DeNiro. That's why you root for him. He's not overly attractive in any conventional way -- but his charisma as an actor in this role shines because he does what he does best -- and that is to play each scene like a smart guy who can't believe the things that can go wrong IN SPITE of the well thought out, meticulous planning and foresight that any smart person would do, and he demonstrates as much to the audience when he goes through the motions to try to please his fiancee's family in a big, big way.

When he fails, he can't believe it. And neither do we. And the ending is wonderful. The last scene before the credits is practically given away in the trailer again, I won't mention it , but where they put it in the film is priceless Get it! I really believe that this is one of Ben Stiller's better movies.

Watching him make a fool out of himself is quite funny. This is a great movie to add to anybody's collection. Don't miss the two sequels of this movie. They add even more hilarity to this already hilarious movie. Greg Focker is completely in love with Pam Byrnes and plans to use the trip to her parents' house on Long Island to ask her to marry him.

Once Greg is introduced to Pam's parents, however, things stampede steadily downhill. Pam's father Jack takes an instant and obvious dislike to his daughter's boyfriend, making fun of his job as a nurse and generally making Greg painfully aware of the differences between him and Pam's family. Things go from bad to worse, with Greg incurring the wrath of both Pam's father, who worked for the CIA for 34 years, and the rest of her family, and almost single-handedly destroying their house and the wedding of Pam's sister.

Very funny but not as good as the second one. Lots of laughs though- bought it for a friend whose VHS tape got eaten. Time for an upgrade. Packaging could survive nuclear blast - can barely get dvd off spindle it's so tight. Funny movie. Very entertaining.

After all these years, this movie remains funny. Enjoyed a funny movie! Anyone else notice that Focker's prayer at the table are song lyrics from a song playing over the loudspeaker at the convenient store in an earlier scene? Always thought his prayer was hilarious, but only noticed that around my th viewing that the song was playing in the background. A nice subtle comedic touch. A classic favorite and a must for my transitional blu-ray collection. Pretty good overall. Ben Stiller's character is kind of laid back in this movie.

Robert De Niro is okay as a retired spy. Apparently he was an assassin at some point in his career and now he spends his time trying to intimidate any one he doesn't like. So here is a man enured to being a hard case and he loves his pet cat!?!?

Top 10 Awkward Meeting the Parents Movie Scenes

By Suzanne Barnecut. Thanks to a little crowdsourcing, here's a list of the best of the worst customer service scenes ever to air on the big or small screen. Hint: these are easy to Google if you need a little safe-for-work pick-me-up.

Weeknights during prime time on AMC, you can catch Story Notes — real time trivia and facts about your favorite movies! Below is the online version of the Story Notes for Meet the Parents. Meet the Parents was so successful that Fockers was already planned while this was still in theaters.

Meet The Parents — Nurse Greg Focker attempts to propose to his schoolteacher girlfriend Pam Byrnes, but before he can, Pam gets invited to her sister's wedding. Greg agrees to go along, seeing it as an opportunity to impress her family. However, Pam's Knight Templar Father Jack, an ex-CIA operative, is immediately suspicious of Greg and spends the weekend grilling him on any undesirable elements in his background. Greg's situation is further complicated by a series of attempts to impress Pam's family backfiring on him, mostly involving little lies that lead to bigger ones until he looks like a complete jackass. It escalates to the point where he gets kicked out of the Byrnes' home.

12 funniest customer service scenes in film and television

Meet the Parents is a film series following the character Greg Focker Ben Stiller as he interacts with his family and in-laws. Before the remake in , there was the original film, a American independent comedy film written by Greg Glienna and Mary Ruth Clarke. Glienna also directed and starred in the film as the male protagonist, Greg. The film is about a young man meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time and the problems that arise when the girl's father takes a disliking to him. Several years after the film's release, Universal Studios purchased the rights to the independent film. After hiring screenwriter Jim Herzfeld to expand the script, a new version of Meet the Parents was filmed and released in October He intends to propose to his girlfriend Pam Byrnes Teri Polo , but his plan is disrupted when he learns that Pam's sister's fiance had asked Pam's father for permission before proposing. Greg and Pam travel to Pam's parents' house to attend Pam's sister's wedding. Greg hopes to propose to Pam in front of her family after receiving her father's permission.

Meet the Parents

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Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro are back doing their best inane and hard-ass, respectively, in Little Fockers , the second sequel to laffer Meet the Parents. The heads have definitely worn on the Fockers franchise. It all started out well, with Meet the Parents a beautifully understated comedy that focused more on the real than the ridiculous. The second, Meet the Fockers , went the way of most sequels — all gloss no giggles, with the studio opting to pay Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand their fat fees to join the franchise but having to lay off a few writers to meet budget.

Meet the Parents urn scene

Jack Byrnes: I guess the only thing to do now is meet his parents. I'm sure they're decent people. I mean they gotta be if they named their son Gaylord Focker.

Register a new account, then authorize the application. After the trial your account automatically switches to the free version. If you already have an account you can log in here. There are plenty of great customer service videos out there. It's a recurring topic for Hollywood comedies and sitcoms, with relatable scenes that have plenty of educational value for service reps. But there's also a wide range of training videos, as well as experts and leaders sharing their views.

The best prayer scene

Стратмор сидел на диване, небрежно положив берет-ту на колени. Вернувшись к терминалу Хейла, Сьюзан приступила к линейному поиску. Четвертая попытка тоже не дала результата. - Пока не везет.  - Она вздохнула.  - Быть может, придется ждать, пока Дэвид не найдет копию Танкадо.

Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro are back doing their best inane and hard-ass, respectively, in Little Fockers, the second sequel to laffer Meet the Parents. None of the scenes between Greg and Jack, nor any of the others – Greg and.

Шифровалка умирала. То же самое будет и со мной, - подумала. Сьюзан вспомнила о единственном остающемся выходе - личном лифте Стратмора. Но она понимала, что надежды нет: электроника вряд ли уцелела после катастрофы. Двигаясь в дыму, она вдруг вспомнила слова Хейла: У этого лифта автономное электропитание, идущее из главного здания.

Meet The Parents: Little Fockers

Пестрое сборище пьяных и накачавшихся наркотиками молодых людей разразилось истерическим хохотом. Двухцветный встал и с презрением посмотрел на Беккера. - Чего вы от меня хотите. Беккер задумался: Я бы хотел, чтобы ты как следует вымыл голову, научился говорить по-человечески и нашел себе работу.

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller mock White House troubles with Meet The Parents’ lie detector scene

Ничего серьезного, - ответила Сьюзан, хотя вовсе не была в этом уверена. Следопыт задерживается. Она подумала, не ошиблась ли где-то. Начала просматривать длинные строки символов на экране, пытаясь найти то, что вызвало задержку.

Набирая скорость на последнем отрезке Матеус-Гаго, он увидел впереди горой вздымающийся готический собор XI века.

Еще раз убедившись, что Сьюзан и коммандер поглощены беседой, Хейл аккуратно нажал пять клавиш на клавиатуре ее компьютера, и через секунду монитор вернулся к жизни. - Порядок, - усмехнулся. Завладеть персональными кодами компьютеров Третьего узла было проще простого. У всех терминалов были совершенно одинаковые клавиатуры.

- Мы прибываем через полчаса. Беккер мрачно кивнул невидимому голосу. Замечательно. Он опустил шторку иллюминатора и попытался вздремнуть. Но мысли о Сьюзан не выходили из головы.

Камера последовала за Халохотом, двинувшимся в направлении жертвы. Внезапно откуда-то появился пожилой человек, подбежал к Танкадо и опустился возле него на колени. Халохот замедлил шаги. Мгновение спустя появились еще двое - тучный мужчина и рыжеволосая женщина.

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