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I need a christian girlfriend

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Romance is often a defining part of any teen's adolescent years, but sometimes it can be pretty confusing. Scratch that—it's really confusing—especially during times in our lives where we may feel pressured to either find a girlfriend or face complete social ridicule. When all the guys around us seem to be in a relationship already, nobody wants to be known for not having a girlfriend. While it's true that most of us are living in a culture where dating different girls is as normal as choosing tacos or burgers, a Christian man should put a lot more thought into the woman he chooses to date. What's the first thing we should look for in a girl? What's the first thing that should draw you to her?

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What should I look for in a Christian girlfriend?

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Photograph from Getty Images, used for illustrative purposes, posed by models. The more committed Megan name has been changed and I became to our growing relationship, the clearer it was to both of us that we were not only falling in love but possibly heading toward marriage.

Another part of me was terrified! I had learned that secrecy, isolation, and lies were the seedbed of pornography problems. But I was also filled with all kinds of fears and doubts.

Can I cope with rejection? No, she had to know. But I wanted to do it the right way. I also wondered: How much does she need to know? How far into the relationship should we be before I tell her?

How long should a person be free from pornography before marrying? But Megan was a few steps ahead of me. Megan was surprised but said she appreciated my openness and willingness to tell her about it. She said she needed some space to process what I had told her. Since I understood that pornography is a big, scary thing and something to take seriously, I respected her wishes.

My thoughts raced back to when I had been dating another girl seriously, and my struggle with pornography was one of the reasons that relationship had fallen apart. That led me to pray even harder that Megan would have the ability to handle this.

I soon realized, however, that I needed to allow Megan to make whatever decision was right for her, and I needed to accept her decision. In that moment, the Spirit comforted me. I had walked with Him through my journey of repentance long enough to know that, regardless of the outcome, He would have my back.

When Megan felt ready, we continued our conversation a few days later. She told me that she was battling mixed feelings toward me but also wishing she could forget about her feelings and just walk away. I battled with it for years and worked with a therapist to get where I am now. I reassured her that I had made progress and was in one of the longest periods of sobriety I had experienced.

I felt sincere sorrow for my past decisions and felt compassion for her. I assured her that while I wanted us to be together, I understood her feelings and would support whatever choice she made. Our discussion was frank, honest, and, at times, awkward. She concluded that my heart was in the right place and that she trusted me enough to move forward with the relationship. Although I was honest with her about my experience, I was not as far along in my healing as I thought.

There were more lessons to be learned. Through these and subsequent conversations and experiences, Megan and I learned a great deal. Here are eight points from our experience that we hope can help you in your conversations. Not only was it helpful for us to have this kind of conversation, but it was also essential. The more love and compassion between the couple, the more effective these conversations will be.

I would recommend that the conversation be held as soon as either dating partner feels the relationship has developed to the point of exclusivity and mutual commitment.

For years I lied about my pornography problem, distanced myself from loved ones, became defensive and grumpy with my family, and thought I would get over it on my own.

But opening up about it is what made all the difference. We both needed to understand how serious my problem with pornography had actually been and what it would take to reach a point of actual healing. What are you currently doing to respond in healthy ways to your triggers and deeper, underlying needs? What has the repentance change and healing process been like for you? What have you learned about the underlying biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors that have contributed to your pornography use?

What will we do to ensure that we keep the lines of communication open in our marriage and maintain a connection in spite of any future relapses? How will we handle any relapses? What we shared and learned together could never be handled adequately in one discussion. This is true no matter how long you talk or how much you want to just handle it and move on. For us, working together to safeguard our relationship and to continue growing and healing has become an ongoing exploration, discovery, and response.

Exercising faith requires surrendering everything you have to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ with the belief that They have the desire, power, and ability to create a better version of you. Coming forward with this confession to both Megan and my bishop was humiliating for me and extremely painful for Megan, who thought this meant that I was unable to ever overcome my pornography problem.

We were counseled to look for guidance on addressingpornography. Listening to prophetic guidance and stories of healing gave us hope. I learned more about what real recovery entails. Megan learned that the emotions she was experiencing were normal, that she needed her own healing, and that it was necessary to set boundaries to restore stability and trust.

We were also counseled to seek therapy. This was immensely helpful. I had always clung to the belief that pornography was something I could overcome on my own.

I needed my bishop, a therapist, the support of my family and closest friends, and, most of all, a deeper understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which I gained by developing a pattern of relying on His merits to both forgive and change me. Real recovery requires a complete change of heart that only Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Ghost can provide.

Your identity as a son or daughter of God defines you. Megan and I eventually married in the temple. Your circumstance may end differently. Any effort to get help will draw you closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and lasting healing.

Your Father in Heaven wants you to achieve every blessing and experience happiness. With help from others and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, healing is possible.

October Family Study Fun. Blessings of a Gospel Perspective Gary E. Ministering to Children and Youth Brittany Beattie. September 30—October 13 Ephesians.

October 14—20 Philippians; Colossians. October 21—27 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Saints, Volume 2 An Ensign to the Nations.

Guided to Monica Rosana Soares. Show Hide.

How to Be a Good Christian Girlfriend

Here is the one of the most rock solid ways to find out. According to His word and to the experience of thousands of Christians around the world, here is one of the best ways to know if you have found the right person to marry and stay married for the rest of your life. For example, bad friendships, bad habits, etc. You are also old enough to know that people change, beauty fades, finances will fluctuate, come and go and evaporate, temptations will come; for both you and your loved one.

Thousands of couples have started relationships and many more Christians have found friendship on Christian Connection. Thousands of couples have met through Christian Connection dating. Here are just a few:.

Toward the end of my junior year of college, as I was applying to be a leader with InterVarsity during the upcoming school year, the staff workers affirmed that they would love to have me serve as an upperclassman small group leader. But they saw a roadblock in that path to leadership. I was in a romantic relationship at the time which they felt was a stumbling block for me and could be the same for those I'd be leading. Why was my girlfriend such a big deal?

How To Be A Godly Girlfriend

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: March 29, Reader-Approved References. If your Christian faith is an important part of your life, it's only natural that you'd want to date a girl who has the same values that you have. Even if you're not a Christian, you might still be attracted to the godly morals embodied by a Christian girl.

Giving Up My Girlfriend

New research conducted in partnership with a large UK church has revealed some shocking findings about Christian dating culture. Samuel Verbi explains. Already half an hour over our minute interview, I was once again at a loss for an answer. In a church culture where marriage to another Christian is seen as the best and often only option, but with a ratio of single women to men, the situation for women like Rebecca can be problematic.

We should all be ready and willing to settle, because nobody is going to be perfect. But we're also entitled to a few deal-breakers.

Posted by Diane Hawkins. Not at all! I learned a lot and it helped lay the foundation for who I am as a wife because the dating relationship is a good indication of what the marriage will be like. But until marriage comes along, what are you supposed to do in a dating relationship?

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Dating nowadays is hard. There are endless underhand tactics , unspoken rules and too many options. Although the average marriage age is increasing, a study found that religious communities are continuing to marry at a traditional, young age.

Welcome to Christian Forums, a forum to discuss Christianity in a friendly surrounding. Your voice is missing! You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world. Christian Forums. We hope to see you as a part of our community soon and God Bless! The forums in the Christian Congregations category are now open only to Christian members.

Jesus Is Ruining My Love Life: Is Religion a Deal-Breaker?

Question: "What should I look for in a Christian girlfriend? Instead, the Bible talks about principles for marriage. Dating today is a way for men and women to evaluate one another as potential spouses. What this means is that a Christian girlfriend should be, first and foremost, a potential marriage partner. A Christian man should be seeking a woman to spend his life with, not just someone to have fun with. If a man is not ready to get married, he should not be pursuing a Christian girlfriend.

I can't think of a question I encounter more often among single Christian men. The point of the question is clear enough. But a rich irony dwells beneath the.

Dating can be a winding, emotional road. So learning how to be a good Christian girlfriend can not only help us navigate our dating relationships, but also how to treat one another better in a general way. Put God First God should always be the most important thing in our lives.

I want to have a girlfriend ;(

The Christian church has a surplus of two things: Beautiful, godly women and year-old boys with beards. As a result, we are witnessing church-wide extended adolescence, the general acceptance of mid-life singleness, and a silent increase of pornography use. Now before I start, this article is going to upset three groups of Christian readers. First, the immature men.

Finding True Recovery: Talking with My Girlfriend about My Pornography Use

Photograph from Getty Images, used for illustrative purposes, posed by models. The more committed Megan name has been changed and I became to our growing relationship, the clearer it was to both of us that we were not only falling in love but possibly heading toward marriage. Another part of me was terrified! I had learned that secrecy, isolation, and lies were the seedbed of pornography problems.

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