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But with sport currently taking a hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is his personal life which is now in the spotlight, as he was spotted with a very famous face. The year-old was the 13th overall draft pick in the NBA draft and made his debut two days before his 19th birthday. Rumours began circulating about Devin and Kendall Jenner when they were spotted outside a rest stop in Sedona, Arizona. Both were dressed perfectly for the sunny outing with Devin wearing a long-sleeved white top, black pants and sneakers while Kendall, 24, showed a little more skin in a white crop top, high-waisted pants, hat and shoes. He plays at the shooting guard position and he has become the youngest player to score over 60 points in a game, finishing with 70 against the Boston Celtics.

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Kendall Jenner claps back at a meme that tried to turn her dating history into an NBA starting 5

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An NBA career happens to go hand in hand with a reputation that meets the so-called standards. The big house, the fancy cars, the bling that can be seen a mile away, and yeah the crazy nightlife we all hear so much about. It does happen, though, that some absolutely gorgeous are with some of these guys that are seemingly less attractive than them … a fact of life if you will, but when it comes to these particular women and the ballers they dated or ended up marrying, it just seems like these dudes just dated way out of their league… except for one.

Curious to see who made the list and who that single guy who could have done better? Well… read on and find out. Nothing against this dude or any of the men and epic NBA players on this list, but as we said before, we're just trying to make a small point.

And that point is proven quite nicely here, as Dwayne Wade is a handsome gentleman, but maybe Gabrielle Union, pictured here is a wee bit out of his league, wouldn't you agree, friends?

After all, she's been captivating audiences for quite some time on the big screen as well as the small. This young man plays for the Philadelphia 76ers and has proven himself time and time again on the courts. This tall drink of water actually married Amelia Vega in , quite some time ago. She is a former Miss Universe actually and despite the fact that he is way out of her league, the two have two children and are still going quite strong. Good for him. Eva Longoria? This dude should have just tried for Jennifer Lopez while he was at it.

Talk about reaching for the sky! Longoria is probably one of the household names most associated with sultry Latina goddesses, embodying power, class, talent, and beauty all in one neat package.

They dated and subsequently married, but the marriage ended in a nasty divorce. This gentleman enjoyed an NBA career that lasted a whopping 21 seasons. Not many players enjoy a career that lasts that long, but he also played in Germany for quite a number of years before he was drafted. He married Jessica Olsson, who although is way shorter than him, towers over him in the good-looks department.

Sorry, dude! Savannah Brinson, pictured here, is a businesswoman and philanthropist according to her profile online. She definitely is a powerful woman, classy and can stand by her man in support. LeBron, although quite classy himself and a gent worthy of respect and praise sure won the relationship lottery when she decided to grant his proposal for marriage. Well, we're not talking about the lady in the Led Zeppelin shirt, although we more than agree with her taste in music sorry!

We are of course taking about Kendall Jenner seated there looking pretty fierce as she supports the man she has been rumored to have dated. Many sources say that this relationship was over before it began, but Kendall is the quietest of the Jenner and Kardashian clan. This photograph almost looks as though he's standing next to a cardboard cutout, doesn't it?

Pretty fitting, since we don't feel he's on her playing level in terms of looks, so to speak. But alas, it is a real photo and he must be thanking his lucky stars that he can call this woman a girlfriend, much less, a wife! But he actually was able to nab two former beauty queens, having been married formerly with Zuleyka Rivera.

Pictured here with him is Viviana Ortiz. Many would say Mr. Odom dropped the ball when he let this gorgeous and successful businesswoman get away. Regardless, we were always pretty much scratching our heads at how he got the first date with her, to begin with. But she and her sisters certainly like dating basketball players But the relationships don't always seem to last all that long. Case in point, Khloe's second relationship with yet another basketball player.

Her second relationship to this young man came to an abrupt and messy end; an end that is still worthy of headlines to this day, as the scandal was quite recent. But she is the only woman to land two spots on today's illustrious list.

She should be proud, as she outclassed two men. But maybe she should stop dating ballplayers now. Just saying. Definitely he can be considered one of the greatest of all time. He surely earned all the respect and accolades that come his way, but when he dated this VH1 star and television personality, he was way out of his league.

She also dated rapper Flavor Flav. Both relationships came to an end, but she has remained active in the spotlight and we hope her talents get her some more prominent work in the future, as she has branched out into acting. If you remember your Celebrity history, good old Chris Humphries actually married this young woman, who we're sure you recognize, and no, it isn't Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, or Jezebel of old, although we're sure her exes wouldn't exactly concur with the latter, as they suffered serious break-ups with this powerful businesswoman and public figure known as Kim Kardashian or Kim K to those of us who write about her often enough.

A definite member of the NBA elite, this man let it all hang loose on the courts, and he gave it his all on game night. His stats and credentials definitely speak volumes of just that.

Pippen was married once before, but his marriage to Larsa, pictured here, seems to have stuck, and despite the common sentiment that he married out of his league. They're still together and have quite a few kids to boot. He played a total of 18 seasons in the NBA and he sure made a name for himself. He retired in but is still a pretty common name to hear as he also spent quite a bit of time acting during his career, particularly in He Got Game.

He married actress and singer Shannon Walker Williams and the two have four kids. He seems to be quiet these days as he hasn't got much on the docket. Now that's a pretty notorious list of ex-boyfriends, but maybe she was tired of all the chaos that came with dating a man like Lil' Wayne. They're now married and her past seems to be well behind her. Not to take away from the guy's cred or anything, but next to this gorgeous and powerful woman, he pales in comparison, we're quite sorry to say.

Kevin turned his fame from the courts to the fashion industry, which introduced him to the likes of his girlfriend, Kate Bock, pictured here. But if we learned anything from this, just because you can market clothes, doesn't mean you know how to wear them in style, as this photo shows. Serge Ibaka over here has been in the NBA for quite some time and during that time he has racked up considerable game time playing for Oklahoma and of course currently the Toronto Raptors.

Definitely out of his league here, this gentleman definitely knows his way around the courts as his career speaks for itself, but this lady is definitely out of his league. Not only is Tamia Hill, pictured here, a gorgeous and powerful woman, but she is a rather successful songwriter, singer, and actress. She could have landed anyone else, but she seems to have settled for this NBA star.

Ya think!? We sure do. This dude looks like a Junior in College, let alone a man that could hold his own on a date with the likes of this beauty queen and classy lady, Robyn. But he didn't just hold his own with the lady, he and she got married and have quite a few kids, the latest having been born in January of this year. It looks like he managed to make it work regardless. Meghan Allen is a model, Cyber Playboy Playmate of the month, actress and reality show star.

She has had countless jobs in the mainstream media and let,s face it Our dude, Devin Harris, over here is a definitive hunk in his own right, but let's be honest folks And let's face it Shame on you, Nick! You could have done so much better. We did also forget one thing of course… the gorgeous girlfriend. VIA Latin Times. VIA Player Wags. VIA Newsweek. VIA Radar Online. VIA nuevamujer.

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The Days and Nights of an NBA Groupie

Or perhaps it's a quadrangle? A rhombus? Tough to say at this point.

An NBA career happens to go hand in hand with a reputation that meets the so-called standards. The big house, the fancy cars, the bling that can be seen a mile away, and yeah the crazy nightlife we all hear so much about. It does happen, though, that some absolutely gorgeous are with some of these guys that are seemingly less attractive than them … a fact of life if you will, but when it comes to these particular women and the ballers they dated or ended up marrying, it just seems like these dudes just dated way out of their league… except for one.

Something stood out to me that I'll never forget. A young girl, who looked about 14 years old, requested to follow me. I often get requests from teenage girls because, let's be honest, those are the only people who still watch My Super Sweet 16 reruns on MTV and come across the almost decade old episode featuring my 16th birthday party. Usually, I approve as long as the page doesn't look creepy and go about my business, but as I read the young lady's bio, I stopped. It read: this school, that city, emoji, emoji, whoever's bestie, "future basketball wifey.

Iggy Azalea engaged to NBA player boyfriend

Tim Cone, the winningest coach in the PBA, has coached a lot of great players. Norman Black led a couple of PBA teams to titles. Leo Austria is just one of several multi-titled coaches in the PBA. Meralco coach Norman Black said that he talks to his players at least once a week to check on their physical and mental conditions. PBA commissioner Willie Marcial said the entire season could be put on hold even if the enhanced community quarantine is lifted: "It doesn't mean we can hold games immediately. TNT consultant Mark Dickel said his players continue to communicate with each other and are making use of the time to keep in shape and mentally healthy. The Triggerman still holds several PBA scoring records that he set in a game. The Triggerman played alongside numerous legends during his playing career, but for him these five stood out. And one of them was also his toughest defensive assignment. From to , Allan Caidic blossomed from a skinny high school senior playing center to one of the deadliest shooters in the amateur ranks and the national team.

Kendall Jenner dropped the hammer on a Twitter user who attempted to turn her dating history into an NBA starting lineup. While she didn't specifically identify which two players she was referring to, Jenner has been romantically linked to both Griffin and Simmons in the past two years. Jenner's decision to clarify the matter comes just a week after Simmons' sister appeared to call her out for her habit of dating NBA players. Jenner's dating life has been fodder for gossip columns for some time, but in this case, she decided to set the record straight for herself. LeBron James came off the bench once in his career, and he did it to protect a teammate from being booed.

As soon as you become famous, whether that is through sports, acting, singing, or any other means, the general public instantly become incredibly interested in what is happening in all aspects of your life.

While you can hope for fate to work its magic and bring you single basketball players, the reality is that you will need to put in some effort to single NBA players. Following are five methods that will help you know how to meet single basketball players:. If you want to date an NBA player, the best thing you can do as a young woman is to start dating a basketball player while he is in college.

Vanessa Hudgens spotted on a date with NBA player

First there is the loud parade of women, fresh from their flights into George H. Bush airport, some wearing supersize Velcro rollers in their hair, many in the Official Groupie Travel Outfit hot pink sweat suit, silver high heels, knockoff Louis Vuitton bag. At the lobby bar, an enormous sign has been erected: welcome nba all-star fans.

The camera panned to a couple in the crowd and while the woman was prepared for a very public display of affection, her boyfriend was too busy sending a text to pay her any attention. She did the only naturally thing and turned to a complete stranger sitting next to her and locked lips with him instead, much to her other half's chagrin. Hugo Davies, the man who filmed the incident explained what happened to the Daily Mail. I was filming because this was my first basketball match and it was a normal kiss cam until this happened. At first people were shouting and laughing because he was ignoring her but when she kissed the other guy everyone went crazy cheering and laughing.

So You Think You Want to Marry a Professional Athlete?

By Kirsten Fleming. His next proclamation was also no bombshell: He would be represented by Klutch Sports Group, the same agency that reps LeBron James, to whom Simmons has been compared many times. Said Simmons in a video on BleacherReport. While technically not illegal, the cozy situation raised some eyebrows, and shed light on how sharp-elbowed hoops agents gain the inside track on top talent. While there are many respectable agents and parents, the underbelly of sports representation can be pretty scabby. But multiple sources tell The Post that such rules are little deterrent. Agents start their courtship of the talent when kids are still at the AAU level. Some agents actually finance these extracurricular club teams.

Jul 16, - The sister of Ben Simmons, Kendall Jenner's latest NBA boyfriend, appeared to have things to say about the model's habit of going after pro.

Hello, imthe parent of a 6th grade boy that is part of a team that consists of both jv and varsity players its a small school but the coach has them signed up for 2 separate leagues. One is directly geared for the jv players Wentworth and the other for the varsity Hale. My boy is just starting out but has made progress even though his coach has only put him in a handful of games in both leagues for a couple min tops. This is not my issue at all.

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