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How to find a hippie boyfriend

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I really want a hippie boyfriend. Not a pot smoker or anything like that, but a surfing, patchouli smelling, save the world, possibly vegetarian, barefoot, long haired cutie. Obviously not all of these things are a must. I am sixteen and kind of a hippie.



How do I get a hippie boyfriend? Please help hippie people.?

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I wrote this post a while ago but it never seemed like the right time to post it. When I first came to India, now 6 years ago, and single, I swore them off entirely. I decided that the trip I was about to take to India was going to be about me. I had never been the serious relationship type. I was pretty proud that I was traveling alone and that I wanted to stay alone for many years to come so that no one would interfere with my travels. I had accepted that no guy wanted to do what I did.

They were either money hungry, ladder climbing, and work obsessed or perpetually 18 in mindset. They wanted their degrees to count for something. The waiters are always shocked when the strawberry daiquiri is for him and the bourbon is for me.

After a few days of him playing the role of drunken Brit, and I the stuck-up Yank his words, because the first night we met I was on antibiotics, not drinking, and being a little antisocial….

We spent a week in Goa then went to Hampi. I was only there two weeks. I thought about staying in India but knew I needed to go home at least for a while, because you know you work, money, etc…. I believe that you can fall in love easy. He was inspiring. When I told people at home I was dating a British wild child artificial reef designer with hair almost as long as mine that I had known only 2 weeks, it got telephoned you know that old game.

I got a call from a good friend: was it true I was dating an Indian coral trinket street salesmen and I was going to live with him and sleep on a dirt floor?

It was about so much more than the trips in Europe spent partying all night and sleeping the days away. It was waking up at 5 am for sunsets and hiking mountains and ME time with mediation twice a day, yoga, and all those other things that surround you in India.

Every single one of my friends who has traveled abroad has met a guy that was so special he changed their lives for the better. Actually, a handful of the travel bloggers I follow also met their significant other while abroad. My friend Ann came to visit me then did a two-week tour in Vietnam — met a Swedish guy, fell in love, and is now living in Sweden happy as can be! So yeah. In the last 5 years, Ben and I have been to probably a dozen countries together from Sri Lanka to Jordan.

If you want more personal posts like this they are rare, I know you can check out my Ask Me Anything section. I loved this post! What a gorgeous couple! You guys look impossibly good together. I actually met my husband abroad.

In the last 7. Luckily we both ended up in different careers that you can do all over the world and currently we live in Beijing! So great you met someone abroad, and on the first day too! Fate for sure. That is so cool! I met a guy last year when I was travelling and not looking for anyone. I knew within a week too and I think he is finally catching up. So happy for you! Awesome post!

For the record, I saw all your posts and never once thought you were crazy for doing what you did. Jealous would be a more accurate term. Pleeeease get your bum to India! So many adventures waiting for you here! Oh I agree! Best wishes. I met my husband while travelling too. We had a 2. So yes, it can definitely work out! I actually met a guy while traveling 9 years ago who moved country to be with me.

Our relationship lasted only a year and thank god… Longest and worst year of my life. But yes… he did change my life. And to not be a complete downer on your lovely V-day post, let me just send you my congrats and happy vibes for you and your partner!

I personally love a long haired guy. Totally sexy. Thanks for the happy vibes! Happy belated V-day to you two! I remember worrying about ending up with someone and a dead-end mundane job, house, dog etc.

I got very lucky meeting my bf when I did, I had been so bored with men back home and all my friends were getting married! Traveling as a couple is new for me and so far I love it to! Interesting post about finding your other half, congratulations by the way. I know it may not mean like much but having a good strong support base is important for this kind of lifestyle. I too met the love of my life as a result of my travels, I too started out with the same intentions as you.

But once we met there were feelings that were not retractable and thus we acted upon them. Anyway long story short I wish you both the best of luck on all your future endeavors. Loved reading this story! Too cute. I, like you, have sworn off men. I dated throughout college, but moving abroad has been my time for me. I also met my boyfriend during a boy strike, I told myself I really wanted to be single and I was actuallly enjoyed it, how did I end up with living with a boy again????

What a lucky match to meet a photographer! I remember hosting a married couple from Chicago who actually had met through Couchsurfing — crazy!

I absolutely love this post! I can totally relate to the whole accidental boyfriend thing. I met my boyfriend a handsome ginger Irishman on a random street corner in Bangkok and it has been love ever since. Sometimes it seems when we are not looking, even trying to avoid relationships they find us.

Great site and story, Im definitely gonna keep following :. Thanks Rachel. Are you still living in Goa? I am from North India, near Kolkata. I hope you enjoyed our festival seasons in the north or south.

India is quiete religious. There are different types of people, many are good and many are bad. They are bad since they didnt get proper education due to lack of money or guidance.

We are few fortunates but our aim should be to help the community to grow and spread humanity. I just wanted to you realize that life is beautiful with struggles and chaos. Its extraordinary. Hope you agree and continue spreading the right informaiotn about my country. Take care. Iam reading ur blog for many days, today first time iam commenting on it,I congrat u for finding ur soulmate,u people are so lucky that u come together with each other.

I feel so depressed sometimes. Just after reading your blog in dec 13,i decided that i have not visited goa once but now i have to visit anyhow.

I travelled by train from Gujarat to thivim in Jan ,from there i took city bus to vagator and took a room there. I found that this is mini russia now,i visited vagator ,morjim ,ashwem beaches and morjim beach totally in control of russians ,even as an indian u can get feared at these place. I never found any opputunity to make friendship with girl or i was very feared. People were openly smoking hashish and late night parties were going on.

Also why did u choose goa to live and how did u earn money. Also i feel that european and usa girls hate indian guys and dont want to talk to them. Hello Anuj. I can agree there are a lot of Russians here. There are many types of people.

My Accidental Boyfriend

I wrote this post a while ago but it never seemed like the right time to post it. When I first came to India, now 6 years ago, and single, I swore them off entirely. I decided that the trip I was about to take to India was going to be about me. I had never been the serious relationship type. I was pretty proud that I was traveling alone and that I wanted to stay alone for many years to come so that no one would interfere with my travels.

Hippie chicks can be some of the most exciting, intriguing ladies you will ever date! A relationship with us is far from any normal relationship.

Now pay attention… you need to check the foundation. According to the spiritual text A Course in Miracles, you should ask yourself the following question before doing anything: What is it for? Think about your past relationships. What kind of person have you repeatedly attracted into your life? What are you currently looking for?

9 Best Hippie Dating Site Options (That Are 100% Free to Try)

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Dating a hippy? Everyone involved is about 30 yrs. So, when she starts talking about 'energy' I have to keep my mouth shut and try to translate it to something I feel more comfortable with. Then, of course, there are musical and assorted cultural differences: jam-bands, really? Obviously, this is about me dealing with my prejudices against hippies, but I wonder whether the differences are just too great to pursue things. You'll find that all the energy-talk and jam-band-event-attendance is just a manifestation of a desire to be and connect with other people. That being said, if you can lighten up and enjoy her company, it'll probably turn out to be a positive experience.

Tune In, Turn On, Take a Shower

This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, when hippies descended on Haight-Ashbury to spread peace, love, and pubic lice. The countercultural movement, which significantly influenced the art, style, and sexual aesthetics of the time, is still reverberating four decades later on the other side of the country. Nor will you find the drumming circles and Phish concerts associated with modern hippies in other parts of the country. Poster boys include Seth Rogen and Jack Black, both of whom exude an unexpected leading-man sexiness without conforming to the rigid beauty constraints of The Man.

We all have our own version of one travel game or another.

Sign In. Do hippie girls ever fall for yuppie guys? If so, why? Update Cancel.

How to Create the Foundation for a Healthy Relationship

The site has over 30 million members and over In less than a minute, you can create a profile and start sorting through members based on your individual preferences e. We both joined the site nearly on the same day nearly two years ago and [have] been together ever since.

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How to spot a ‘Hippie’

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Jun 7, - What you will find instead are the hippie movement's East Coast love children—albeit kids who've pretty much disowned their roots. On the one.

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9 Things you Should Know Before Dating a Hippie Chick

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