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What is Vietnamese Dating Culture Like? A Helpful Guide

Yesterday, OneVietnam Network asked our fans about their opinions regarding Vietnamese women. We received a lot of positive answers as well as a few negative ones. However, some fans have pointed it out that such a question was rather silly.

At this moment, I am still curious about the reasons behind that statement and would love to view things from the male perspective about Vietnamese women. This article will generalize my point of view about Vietnamese men, and you can have your own opinions as you like. Just leave a comment. There are no haters here! It is very questionable that the Vietnamese literature only highly regards Vietnamese women, but not men.

Whenever a piece of work mentions some noble Vietnamese man e. I have yet to see or read any writing that praises Vietnamese males in general. Are we really that bad? A Bunch of Lazy Bums…. Yes, on top of my list is laziness. They never do anything! However, I believe this is only true for most men in Vietnam who live in the cities. The majority of them basically do nothing. Their wives take care of almost everything in the house, from cooking, to cleaning, to taking care of children — even after long hours at work.

These men usually spend their lives drinking beer with their buddies and talking loudly about random topics all day long.

Of course, there are exceptions; there are men who actually work hard and are goal-oriented. This idea was formed when men used to be the main providers of the family, giving him all the powers in the house. However, as society modernized, it is much more difficult for men to be the only providers in the family.

This has forced women into the workforce, but men are having problems adjusting their living style to share chores in the home. Basically, women have moved forward along with modern society while their men are lagging behind.

Having an ego and feelings of self-importance are actually a must for everybody. It keeps us striving for a better life and a higher status. A man with too big of an ego can never get over himself. Vietnamese men usually regard themselves very highly and always think that they are superior to others.

They cannot easily accept the fact that their women are better than them. They would rather spend their days outside of the house drinking beer than washing a basket of underwear for their wife and kids.

They want their friends to think that even though they are not the main providers of the household, they can still have the power; that power is being proven by the fact that they is out drinking with their buddies, and somebody else is doing the dirty work.

Their friends are probably on the same boat. For that reason, they will all compete to see who can sit at the beer shop the longest to prove who is the most powerful man. How many times do you go out with a Vietnamese man and he offers to pay for you? How many times do you go out with that same Vietnamese man and he offers to pay for you again?

A lot of people think that this is a very nice trait of a gentleman, but to me they are overdoing it. Maybe we could link this trait to the big ego that I mentioned above and get a clearer picture of why Vietnamese men act like that.

Some people may say that Vietnamese men are more generous than other men. That really depends on you. I think I have covered enough bad things about Vietnamese men in general. I have to admit that it is quite difficult to find a dumb Vietnamese man. They are either very street-smart, academically intelligent, or sometimes both the scary ones. The world history has written about King Tran Hung Dao, who repeatedly defeated the unbeatable Mongol army under Kublai Khan by using clever military strategies.

As you can see, our people are gifted with intelligent and powerful minds. If Vietnamese men could get rid of their laziness, I believe that there will be even more famous people to name.

Whether it is a duty to protect his country from invasion or to take care of his aging parents, Vietnamese men will never shy away from their duties. For more than 2, years, Vietnam has always gained back its land from the invaders regardless how powerful its enemies are. Very different from European men, Vietnamese men will most likely live with their parents to take care of them as they age.

These familial values are explained by the Confucian ideas that have heavily influenced living standards in Vietnam. Please keep in mind that most songwriters and composers in Vietnamese are males. The purpose of most songs or novels is to make the listeners cry as much as they can. The article is getting rather long, but I still have so many things to write about. However, I would very love to hear what you have to say about Vietnamese men.

I found this article very entertaining as well as enlightening. I have met Vietnamese men who have been… to Harvard and Vietnamese men who work at home depot at the age of I have met Vietnamese men who drink and gamble, and Vietnamese men who appreciate a nice conversation with coeds of the party. I have met men who think I need to be in the kitchen, and men who open doors and pull out chairs for me. Although this was a good try at conjuring up some stereotypes of typical Vietnamese males, I do not think the author provided substantive arguments as to why these claims are unique only to Vietnamese men.

For instance, having the ability to down the most alcohol is also a skill hotly debated amongst college students every Friday night here in the US. For the majority of these characterizations, I feel like they are applicable to men of all cultures. It should also be noted that Vietnam was most likely a matriarchal society at the beginning of its history, as evident by early heroes like the Trung sisters and Ba Trieu. Thus, I would say that the deference to women, and the somewhat misandry as highlighted by the author at the beginning of the article, in the current Vietnamese culture is partly because of these emotional vestiges left by Vietnamese societies long ago.

Having spent over 2 years in Vietnam, I did not know of more than a handful of Vietnamese men, not just college students or sailors, but of all ages, that did not spend every night out drinking with their mates.

I rarely ever saw families doing any sort of activity together, be it the beach, hot springs, shopping, eating out, etc. Seemed to me that groups of men of all ages were out drinking beer until the restaurants closed. From the perspective of the families that these men are the supposed heads of, I cant see how they are bringing happiness to them.

You are right on about the historical Vietnam, too bad that confucianism replaced the traditional matriarchal culture. Secondly, what perspective are we looking from? A woman, a man, an Americanized individual, European, etc? Or are we talking about men who have been raised in a Vietnamese family? All these questions point out the flaw in this generalized question. It is my belief that we as individuals are shaped by the environment that we have been raised.

Countries, cities, even families are all composed with very different dynamics. This does not account for the media and social environment that a child is faced with growing up. All of these add to create very specific individuals that have different opinions about family, relationships, marriage, friends, morals, ethics, etc. The generalization made by the author may all be true in one individual, some individuals, and none. They also maybe true of any person.

I am an Americanized-Vietnamese woman who has a big ego, gallant, highly intelligent, and feel a sense of duty to my parents. I can attribute each of these characteristics to a myriad of reasons from my family to genetics to birth order to childish rivalries to that one teacher that pushed me to be better. I do not deny the importance of our family in shaping us but it is more important to look at the history of the country to see where certain values and family dynamics may been initiated, why they have continued, and how do we see them manifest in our culture today.

I think there is a huge issue with vietnamese men good or bad in general. In support of the author, I agree with most of the stereotypical comments he provided. That I mean by talking to many of the Vietnamese women in my social group, is that not many of them are faithful.

And the rest, have wandering eyes. All have agreed with me and I know plenty of guys who have girlfriends or wives and still hit on other women, while out. Hey I guess the discussion above is very stereotypical of Men in general. I am from India and I can relate to most of the stuff written about Vietnamese men.

The good or bad question is hard to answer, but the question for me is, would foreign women date Vietnamese men? When I walk around the streets of Saigon, I often see Anglo-Saxon men walking with Vietnamese women, but I almost never see an Anglo-Saxon woman walking with a foreign woman. Exactly do not take it that serious. I love the article! Tinh Ding: you are right, I think Vietnam is still a matriarchal society. Women are acting behind the scenes! Nothing is wrong with the writting.

I agree with T Ng. He also being very careful with his writings and re-state everything is just a generalization of what his view about Vietnamese men. I think it is a dumb question because it really depends on the person who thinks he or she is a Vietnamese with both parents are vietnamese OR having Vietnam citizenship OR just simply live in the Vietnamese culture for 1 year.

The definition belongs to the person who wants to identify themselves. Everybody generalizes! Great article!

Hotel restrictions with female Vietnamese girlfriend? - Vietnam Forum

Cross-cultural relationships have been on the common trail in a burgeoning country of global integration like Vietnam. The cross-cultural relationships inconceivably bring a ton of new but beautiful and eye-opening experiences. We just cannot get the full idea of it if we are never in that international love boat. We often catch sight of intercultural couples with Vietnamese girls hand in hand with Western guys whenever we are in the bar sipping some beers up to the brim or in the middle of all avenues in Hanoi Old Quarter or Downtown Saigon. However, rarely could we find a couple of Trai Viet, Gai Tay, which literally means a Viet man and foreign woman couple.

Hi everybody. I met a Vietnamese girl a year ago online, and went to Vietnam recently to meet her. Everything was good.

What is Vietnamese dating culture like? A lot of men are completely clueless when it comes to this matter, including myself at one point. Things like traditional gender roles, no public displays of affection, commitment, and family are hugely important aspects that comprise Vietnamese dating culture here. I remember one time I was out having a beer with one of my friends here in Ho Chi Minh City a few months back.

Vietnamese Men

Yesterday, OneVietnam Network asked our fans about their opinions regarding Vietnamese women. We received a lot of positive answers as well as a few negative ones. However, some fans have pointed it out that such a question was rather silly. At this moment, I am still curious about the reasons behind that statement and would love to view things from the male perspective about Vietnamese women. This article will generalize my point of view about Vietnamese men, and you can have your own opinions as you like. Just leave a comment. There are no haters here! It is very questionable that the Vietnamese literature only highly regards Vietnamese women, but not men.

Vietnamese Men In General – Good or Bad?

A Vietnamese girl named "AN" is a sweet girl with a high popularity in her home country and now a well-known social media celebrity. She said when she had her puppy love, she gave out the first experience of sex with her boyfriend because she trusted him a lot. And what shocked her so much was the reason the man saying, "your breast is too small! As a social media celebrity in Vietnam, AN has many fans. She claimed that she never dated anyone before meeting her boyfriend.

Of Vietnam : Identities in Dialogue.

I am Vietnamese American and I will be traveling to VN to meet a female friend who I was introduced to and I have been chatting and talking on the phone with for 6 months. If I travel with her on a tour, can we book the same room? I heard there are restrictions but not sure what they are.

So You Wanna Date a Vietnamese Man? Read This First!

A sympathetic, anecdotal look at the sad stories of a dozen or so Amerasian children of the Vietnam war, by a writer who feels the need to include himself in his narrative. The tens of thousands of Left behind when South Vietnam fell in , the children of Vietnamese women and American servicemen remain a deeply disturbing symbol of the racism rooted within both traditions. The Vietnamese term

We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. My boyfriend and I have been in a serious relationship for four years. We definitely have plans to marry one day. However, things are much more complicated than it seems.

American/Vietnamese Relationship

Account Options Login. November 10, , Volume 4. United States. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights. Halaman terpilih Halaman Halaman Hak Cipta.

Subscribe Now for MORE Videos: I'm a Canadian-Vietnamese who had grown up all.

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