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You start out as the student of the Hongmoon Clan, led by a wizened Old Master Hong, who preaches compassion, justice, and self-sacrifice as tenets of martial arts. Not long after you are introduced to your school; your de facto family, an event occurs that changes your life forever. He turns out to be the Imperator of the Stratus Empire and a servant of Mushin. Community Showcase More.

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Blade And Soul Korean Download Tutorial

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View Full Version : BnS. Who's in, and what servers should we dink around on? My vote is for Old Man Cho, so Vecter will have people to nap with. It looks as if the most populated server in NA is going to be Mushin. Yeah I have been reading around and mushin looks to be the hot spot for now. Old Man Cho seems to have a lot of RP'ers planning on going there so yeah I too am not really wanting to go there Hmmm, reading that last article you linked I am struck by "iksanun is one of the most balanced servers in terms of factions".

If that holds true that makes it an interesting choice. Economy is cross realm so server choice is for guilds and grouping, if that's the case the potential long queue times of the top servers may be worth it, unless we get enough peeps to blaze our own trails.

So ill be trying this out for sure. I'll go to whatever server you guys choose. For anyone else that may be interested, the game will be free to play at launch. The founders packs you can buy now will go away, they just give quality of life improvements in-game store currency, character slots, costumes, name reservation , and it also gives you a jumpstart with premium points. Yeah, my observations during CBT's was that the red side was all about owPvP and anarchy and isntaFun, and the blue seemed to have more people looking for groups and running content, and that aligns a bit more with what I am looking for.

Obviously shit can change at launch, but we will see. You can actually change factions whenever you'd like with just a little bit of money, but you lose all of the progress that you put into that one faction, as well as your guild. So Mushin Cerulean Order? I have no idea what class to play though! I like how summoners abilities sound, but a ferocious pussy cat is your pet lol! That seems to be the plan. I imagine we'll be joining one, as I have no desire to lead a guild in a game that I'll be playing casually to start off with.

There's also a Blade Dancer that I want to check out. I also won't be playing all that much right at launch because I'm not a big fan of zones that are heavily populated with people all fighting over the same quest mobs, so I'm going to create some new characters, play through the intro-starter area, and then wait a few days, maybe a week, before I start up. I just feel like it'll be a much better use of my time.

I played the blade dancer in the Korean version a couple years ago, it was fun but after my wife got tired of translating everything for me, I was too lazy to do it myself and moved on to other things.

It is a really fun game though. Dont forget tonight is name reservations.. Ill post my names in here when i get them tonight. Got mine Lyonheart and Swyftwind. Got my names. What classes did you make Lyonheart? Actually I will probably spend the launch week getting all the names, and all the toons out of the start area haha. And use head start to get Batman goin. So, it would seem that a few things have changed so far since I last played the Korean version, and one of those is that you get to choose your faction at like level 6 now.

I went Cerulean Order as planned. I'm currently level I've no idea why there are still games that don't have this, but I may take advantage of it myself overnight. My sister is in town for another day so I may just get out of starter zone this morning and then tomorrow try and make it as far as these shoes will take me.

I see lots of raging about the SLI on various fan forums, I hope they add that support in soon. Yeah I am trying to get in now, but the queue is only going up for me. I think it shows the queue of how many are currently trying to log in.. But im guessing there are many people who are doing what Miri said and stay logged in all the time. I made a summoner on Poharan and got right in. Zeltar I wish more races could be summoners, even the males look like girls..

I love the glide skill! Never had these in KR. Keep this thread updated with your ongoing reviews. Well, this game has had plenty of time years to gain hype over here in the US, and as far as I know, there's only one server at this point Mushin with any sort of queue.

I don't know if queues on other servers will re-appear once the F2P players start coming online, but if you're a premium member then you get to pass them up in queue. There was also a large calling for people to stay on Mushin since it was one of the original CBT servers, and a lot of people kept talking about how they were going to stay there once the game was live.

However, this still doesn't change the fact that there is no auto-kick AFK timer, so anyone can just sit in the game for days on end and take up spots on the server. If they ever get around to implementing an auto-kick AFK timer then you can expect the queue to be much, much lower. The game has been out for a few years over in Asia, so there's plenty of information about it floating around if you're looking for more.

People have been playing the F2P versions in Taiwan, China, and Japan with sub-par English patches for awhile now the Korean version is still subscription-based, I believe , and this is where the hype for the game comes from since it was easy to access it while it was only available in Asia. Do we have a group set up? A guild? My summoner name is "Miss Wrathy" someone say hi and play with me! NCSoft seems to have finally applied the auto-kick AFK timer, so we'll likely see queues begin to drop for F2P players although the premium queue on Mushin has been pretty low lately now that people seem to just be logging off like normal.

Never mind, I see you. You're offline. Here are some tips and tricks I have learned, some may be obvious but hey let's be real, I am not that intelligent. Keep all the loose weapons that are just unidentified. I enjoy it for what it is, I'd just prefer it to be MMO, not co-op thing it is.

But I can enjoy it for a while.

Chapter 17: The Test of the Eight

I probably should not even play; so little free time as it is. Dude most of us are like day 1 or 2 with hardly any fucking skills, personally I barely have a clue how this plays later on. I right click and my character attacks and builds up orbs I left click and do a stronger attack which uses the orbs and press tab to do an aoe. You have skills on a hotbar that cost resources Focus to use and then go on cooldown, then you have your auto attacks on the mouse buttons. Your attacks can actually change to completely different ones or gain added affects when used in combos.

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By Herlock , November 8, in General Discussion. Hi to all. Im stuck in a point that i need dashwall or something like that to climb a footprint wall. I was looking on my quests to find the purple quest to learn the skill with the old man cho.

Warning! Some spoilers after Act V are left unmarked. Read at your own risk

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Wolverine (character)

I've already spoken to him on top of the Forgotten Tomb to get the 'Dive' skill and an on the questline to get the Serpent Calling Bell. The Holiday Treasure Trove is here until December 26! Find out all about the Trove, new rewards, and special cosmetics below. Opening the Trove will give you the opportunity to purchase any of the items you see with gold, but you can only purchase one item per Treasure Trove Key used! Six additional Treasure Trove slots can be opened with Treasure Trove Expansions purchased from the Hongmoon Store, which will unlock these slots for the entirety of the Treasure Trove period.

You can download it for free here and start playing!

Old Man Cho: "Come here. I'd recognize Jinsoyun's handiwork anywhere. She gave you the Mark of the Black Rose. How'd ya get so unlucky to bump into her?

Old Man Cho

Wolverine birth name; James Howlett ; [1] alias ; Logan and Weapon X is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics , mostly in association with the X-Men. He is a mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, a powerful regenerative ability known as a healing factor, and three retractable claws in each hand. The character appeared in the last panel of The Incredible Hulk before having a larger role in cover-dated Nov. Romita designed the character, although it was first drawn for publication by Herb Trimpe.

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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played Blade & Soul

BnS Fashion's character galleries are a chance for people to show off their characters. This is not intended to be a preset sharing site, but people can choose to include one if they want. If there isn't a preset link on a character post, the submitter did not include one. Don't bother to ask me for the link here or on social media , I don't have one. Repeatedly asking for one in the comments or saying "where's the preset link? Adding your email address to the comments is an excellent way to ensure you receive a ton of spam email.

I read in the chat often that ppl ask how to find the Old man Cho for the Purple Quest. Thats why i want show Feb 14, - Uploaded by Asche AlvareZ.

View Full Version : BnS. Who's in, and what servers should we dink around on? My vote is for Old Man Cho, so Vecter will have people to nap with. It looks as if the most populated server in NA is going to be Mushin.

Может быть, и нет, - сказала Сьюзан.  - Во множестве шифров применяются группы из четырех знаков. Возможно, это и есть ключ. - Вот именно, - простонал Джабба.

Слова Стратмора внезапно были прерваны постукиванием по стеклянной стене Третьего узла. Они обернулись. Сотрудник отдела обеспечения системной безопасности Фил Чатрукьян, приникнув лицом к стеклу, отчаянно барабанил по нему, стараясь разглядеть, есть ли кто-нибудь внутри.

Ролдан нахмурился.

Подобно крови, бегущей по жилам старого квартала Санта-Крус, они устремлялись к сердцу народа, его истории, к своему Богу, своему собору и алтарю. Где-то в уголке сознания Беккера звонили колокола. Я не умер. Он с трудом открыл глаза и увидел первые солнечные лучи.

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А ведь еще вчера она думала, что потеряла его навсегда. - Дэвид, - вздохнула она, заметив на тумбочке его записку.  - Скажи мне, что такое без воска.

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