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Did kye kelley get a new girlfriend

The rumor mill has been on a steady buzz since the famous Street Outlaws Kye Kelley got divorced from his wife Alisa Mote who is equally the mother of his second daughter. Whispers started sneaking around corridors even before his separation with Alisa was made official. Confirmation of all the rumors that have been making the rounds about Kye Kelley and his new lady love were confirmed by the Street Outlaws driver himself. Another benefit the car racing champion is sure to get out of this new alliance is Lizzy herself who appears to be the complete package — a tall slender blonde who is quite easy on the eye. Besides all of that, the beautiful blondie seems to be much more eager for the relationship as she wasted no time in changing her relationship status on social media a week before her boyfriend got around to changing his. However, she consciously omitted to mention the name of her love interest at the time.

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Kye Kelley from “Street Outlaws” Bio: Wife, Net Worth, Racing, New Car, Girlfriend, Age, Divorce

If you are a huge fan of drag racing, then you are on the right page. Not only can men race, but women also race cars at high speed — likewise, Lissy Musi, a second-generation professional car racer who has set the bar for women. This blonde bombshell grabbed the attention not only from her talent but also from her beauty.

So, far, is she dating fellow drag racer, Kye Kelley? Who is her father? As a kid, she loved playing with car toys that later turn to career. Caption: Lizzy Musi, a Drag Racer. At the age of 8, Lizzy began racing and competed in junior dragster races. Lizzy studied at Caterer High School. During her schools, she helped her father in his shop, like sweeping the floors and cleaning car parts.

Pat started his career on the street of Queens, New York, with his 55 Chevy. He gained fame when he raced among the Pro Stock racers such as Warren Johnson and Bob Glidden, who did more than just driving the car.

Later, he brings his experience of driving a race car down the track into the engine building room. He makes Edelbrock Crate Engine, horsepower and ft-lbs of torque. The family owns Musi Racing Engines, whose cars race in the racing. Before that, her father worked for international racing teams and helped to put their cars together before the competition.

To the greatest Dad a daughter can ask for. Thank you for all you do! I love you!! Back to date in , Pat Musi opened his shop. She never misses a single chance to promote the family business. Later Pat moved his shop from new jersey to North Carolina to watch Lizzy compete in pro races.

Many of her followers are wondering to know if she is married or not. They have been together since The blonde race driver announced their relationship officially via her Facebook back in Though, there is no record of her past affairs. Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelly are not married and may not get married for a short while. However, this does not mean that they do not act like a married couple. They have been dating for quite some time now, so they must be getting more and more dependent upon one another.

They even write sweet messages for each other on social media. Of course, being married does not mean lovey-dovey moments like this one. They also have little arguments like most married couples do, and they are not afraid to share that side of their relationship with their fans. In another video posted by Musi but shot by Kye, Lizzi is seen visibly in frustration. She is cleaning a Tupperware complaining that somebody needs to do some work around the house while Kye is coming up with excuses to leave.

The best feeling is knowing you have a best friend by your side that you know you get to love, share good times with and be there though the tough times. Lizzy suspects that Kye is making the excuse of going to the store but instead is going hunting.

Unlike most wives, Lizzy is actually jealous of the fact that she too is an avid hunter. Caption: Lizzy suspects that Kye is making the excuse of going to the store but instead is going hunting.

Aw…, even their fights are adorable. The two should stop beating around the bush and just get married. After all, they already act like they are husband and wife and not dating. After that, she competed in many car racings and won three PDRA races to date. Giving it all we got!! Through her racing career, Lizzy makes marvelous money. She has been professionally racing for several years. In addition to her racing, Musi is an entrepreneur and has her own storefront on Amazon with her name.

Through the Amazon , she sells beauty products such as hair care products, face cream, moisturizer, facial wipes, lotion, and many more. Lizzy is a dog lover. She posts numerous pictures with her dogs, including a monkey. Also, she has an adorable dog named Torque and has shared a few photos of it on her Instagram as well. She even travels with her dogs in new places and occasionally brings pets to the racing field. Caption: Lizzy Musi with her dog named Torque. We would not include the information about Lizzy Musi being a pet lover if she had only two dogs.

Even we do not know the exact amount of animals she has. Similarly, she also has a Dachshund dog by the name of Dyno. Caption: Lizzy Musi with Dachshund dog by the name of Dyno. So far, we think, we have correctly listed each dog from most recent to the oldest pet owned by the Street Outlaws power couple. Even before Dyno, they were proud mom and dad of two fox terriers named Nero and Lenco.

Caption: Lizzy Musi playing with two fox terriers named Nero and Lenco. She was driving the Camaro that went out of control and before crashing over the barrier wall. Luckily, she came out unhurt despite the horrible accident. Watch the video below. Again, she faced another accident in the Pro Nitrous at the Texas Motorplex outside Dallas, but there was nothing serious to worry about.

Despite the busy schedule, the drag racer has maintained her figure by eating healthy foods and regular exercise. According to sources, Lizzy stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 64 kg.

But the size of her bust, waist, and hip are not disclosed. At a tender age, Lizzy made her name by herself in the car racing field and took her career in a new height. Lizzy is becoming famous on social networking sites, especially on Instagram. Furthermore, Musi has an account on Facebook and Twitter. She posts selfies of herself as well as photos of her boyfriend and car racing. It is through this partnership perhaps that she now sports a slightly changed paint in her car, which is all black and red.

It might actually not look that different from the outside, but we promise you according to the engine and other part upgrades, Musi has opened up about in her Instagram. She is going to be an even more fierce competitor in and outside of Street Outlaws. Caption: Lizzy Musi is going to be an even more fierce competitor in and outside of Street Outlaws.

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Kye Kelley Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Divorce, Career, Net Worth, Shop

Woman are capable more than their beautiful faces, Lizzy Musi a second generation professional car racer sets the bar for women. At a glance she may grab the attention because of her looks but behind the face lies the heart of a racer. She has won many accolades and set records in professional drag racing. Also, this famed lady featured on the cover of Drag illustrated Hottest Issue in Follow with us to learn everything about Lizzy Musi in this biography.

The adrenaline rush that a thrilling activity provides is something to get indulged into an enjoy. One of those things happens to be a car race.

The shows are about street racing and challenging driving skills. The famous car racer, Kye Kelley also gains the name and fame from the show. Street Outlaws star, Kye Kelley is a professional car racer who contributed a lot the show. To know about his personal life keep scrolling till the end to know everything in detail. Kye Kelley is a television personality.

Where Is Kye Kelly’s Ex-Wife, Alisa Mote After Divorce?

You might have heard the name of Kye Kelley from the popular television show named Street Outlaws. If you do, then you must know his ex-wife Alisa Mote. Also, find out what is she doing after her divorce? Alisa Mote was born in Mississippi, the United States. However, her birthday is still a secret. Alisa was born to Brenda Martin mother. She has two other siblings named Crystal Simmons and Daniel Mote. Despite being popular in social media, she likes to keep her family life private. You might find it hard to believe, but Alisa is a professional nurse.

Lizzy Musi Wiki/Bio: Age, Family, boyfriend Kye Kelley, married?, net worth.

Kye Kelley is the part of the show, and one of the most prominent racers. Do you want to learn more about Kye Kelley, from his childhood to most recent career endeavors, and his personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us for a while as we are about to bring you closer to this prominent racer. From an early age he became interested in cars and in order to make his dream come true of owning a car, he found two jobs when he was still only 13 years old, milking cows on nearby farms and working in a grocery store on as a bagger, meantime attending South Pike Senior High School. He fulfilled his dream just two years after finding his first job, then obtaining his driving license, and his racing career was ready to start.

Kye is one of the bigger names in street racing in the USA. He has loved racing from a very early period in his life.

Some couples show so much chemistry together that they are practically married. Both Lizzy and Kye would maintain their silence despite rumors swindling about their relationship. Caption: Lizzy Musi and boyfriend Kye Kelley. However, ever since they became official to the public, they have been inseparable since.

Does Kye Kelley Have A New Girlfriend After Splitting With His Wife?

If you are a huge fan of drag racing, then you are on the right page. Not only can men race, but women also race cars at high speed — likewise, Lissy Musi, a second-generation professional car racer who has set the bar for women. This blonde bombshell grabbed the attention not only from her talent but also from her beauty.

Consequently, this has enabled him to earn some considerable amount of money. Street Outlaws: New Orleans will star him a lot due to his unequaled driving prowess. To top it all, the different cars that he drives will get to feature in the reality show on Discovery channel. In his early life, the racer worked for an oil company to earn a living. However, after some time, he realized that his passion was not there and he decided to follow his heart in racing.

Kye Kelly: Ex-wife Alisa Mote, Girlfriend Lizzy Musi, Net Worth, Age and New Car

Lizzy Musi, born January 1st, , comes from a family of racers. More than that, her parents Pat and Elizabeth, are also drag racers. Both girls grew up around fast cars. By the time she was eight years old, Lizzy was beginning to lear the family business. She participated in junior drag races, and by the age of just sixteen in , she was competing in Junior Drag. In addition to the family being drag racers, they also own Musi Racing Engines, a shop her father opened in

Feb 10, - Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelly's dating life today is no secret, but it did not start that way. Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley have not married, but the way things are going, it will as a racer and Kye Kelley's girlfriend also increases her yearly salary. Lizzy Musi was born on January 1, , in Carteret, New Jersey.

Kye Kelly is one of the top drivers in the show. Alisa Mote was popularly known as the ex-wife of the reality star Kye Kelly and shared a daughter together named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelly. She married to her former husband, Kye Kelly in and divorced in Alisa married her long-term boyfriend, Kye Kelley in and expecting a baby in the same year.

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