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Would it be like. The "9" in the box is throwing me for a loop. I assume silver Only marking is what I have shown above plus the VW logo. But we all know what happens when we assume, eh? I need to divide my studio apartment so it doesn't feel like one big box.

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File:Mosaic with the mark of the Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, Berlin.jpg

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TAChart is a package for drawing graphs, charts and other diagrams. It is comparable in features , but not specifically compatible , with Delphi's TeeChart package. One substantial difference is that some features e. This design gives increased flexibility and opportunity for code re-use, but at the cost of a slightly more complex API. This document provides a concise but comprehensive overview of TAChart concepts, features and components.

The documentation describes the TAChart package as found in the latest development version of Lazarus. Some features may not yet be available in the official Lazarus release version. We recommend that you use this latest document version because it has corrected and improved older descriptions in previous versions, as well as the fact that it includes details about the newest features. Nevertheless, you can look at the the old version of this document to see the state of the documentation around the time of the Lazarus 1.

Series are the central part of TAChart. Their hierarchy is illustrated in the figure. The series inheriting from TCustomChartSeries represent data taken from a ChartSource in graphical ways, such as lines or bars; the other series get their data in another way.

This is the simplest series type, representing an "infinite" vertical or horizontal line. It can be used as a "central axis" in function graphs, or as a draggable marker line. Basic series are most often used, and include line , bar and area series. All basic series can be "stacked" by using multi-valued source.

Also, all basic series fully support rotation and 3-D drawing. The color of the line series is defined by the SeriesColor. ColorEach gives control over coloring inidividual data points and the adjacent line segments the data point color is provided by the chart source :. Using a multi-valued data source TLineSeries can handle several y values for each x value.

If Stacked is set to true then the individual y values are plotted in a stacked way, i. Note, however, unlike stacked bar or area series it may not be clear that the data values are stacked, and therefore stacking is usually not recommended for a line series.

TAChart, by contrast, contains an optimized fast path inside standard line series code, which achieves comparable drawing speed. A line series will be drawn very fast if all of the following are true:. TLineSeries can be drawn as a "point series" showing only symbols at the position of the data points and hiding the connecting lines by setting ShowPoints to True and LineType to ltNone.

Note that the SeriesColor applies only to the connecting lines; to specify the color of the points change the Pointer. Color for the border line color. The Pointer property also gives access to the shape circle, box, etc of the symbols Style.

TBarSeries represents data as a set or bars, extending from ZeroLevel to data points. You can control bar width with BarWidthPercent property. Note that the it is measured relative to the neighboring bars. If the X values are not equidistant, bars will have varying width.

Beginning with Lazarus v2. In addition to rectangular bars the data can be represented by alternative shapes: cylinder, hexagonal prism, pyramid or cone - see property BarShape which supports these values: bsRectangular, bsCylindrical, bsHexPrism, bsPyramid, bsConical. Furthermore, the event OnCustomDrawBar allows to paint the bars in any user-defined manner. Like TBarSeries and TLineSeries , an area series can accept several y values for the same x from a multi-valued data source.

These y values are drawn in a stacked way if the property Stacked is set to True its default value. Use a ChartStyles component to define the appearance of the individual layers. Note that in Lazarus versions 1.

The property Banded available in Lazarus v2. This way a band of data values can be highlighted: use a chartsource with two y values and set the first y value to the lower and the second y value to the upper band level. Alternatively, the width of the band can be specified in the second y value if both properties Banded and Stacked are set to true. Also, the ZeroLevel should be included only in the lowest stack level to avoid unusual results.

A 3D-like presentation of the series can be obtained if Depth is set to a positive value, something like 10 or Note that the drawing algorithm is very simple and likely produces incorrect displays when curves cross, or stacking and banding are turned off.

TBubbleSeries represent data as circles of variable radius centered at data points. This series requires a source with YCount of at least 2, and uses the first additional Y value as the bubble radius. The OverrideColor property allows you to set the color of either the interior or the edge of each bubble individually. TBoxAndWhiskerSeries represents data as rectangles with a central line and two T-like shapes protruding in both directions. Although in statistics a box-and whiskers plot is supposed to be based on specific data quartiles, TAChart does not enforce this, allowing users to draw arbitrary plots.

With some effort, box-and whiskers series may be used to represent other charts of different meaning but similar appearance, such as Gantt diagrams. This series requires a source with YCount of at least 5, and uses Y values as follows:. Note that although Y values are supposed to be ordered ascending along the table above, the series does not enforce this and will draw any supplied data.

TFieldSeries displays a vector at each data point. The vector is drawn as a line segment with an optional arrow. The line is centered at the x,y coordinates stored in the chart source, its direction is given by additional values stored in the XList and YList of the chart source.

Therefore, this series type requires a source with two x and y values:. In order to avoid overlapping of vectors call the method NormalizeVectors ALength: Double to normalize their lengths such that the longest vector has the specified length. The arrow parameters are understood to be percentages of the vector length, i. Radial series ignore axis transformations. You can see examples of radial series in the "radial" demo. For each data point, pie series interprets Y value as a relative size of the slice, and X value as a distance of slice from the center of the pie only if Exploded property is true.

Beginning at StartAngle , the pies run in counter-clockwise direction around the circle. When AngleRange is at its default of the pies cover the full circle; a smaller value allows to use the circle only partially. Pie radius can be either set manually by FixedRadius property, or calculated automatically so that the whole series, including all labels, exactly fits the parent chart.

A ring can be painted instead of a pie slice by giving the property InnerRadiusPercent a value greater than 0, but smaller than - this determines the radius of the inner circle as percentage of the total radius. The slice colors are determined by either data items' Color field or hard-coded palette. Slices contours are drawn using EdgePen property. There are several options for label positioning, controlled by MarkPositions property:. MarkDistance defines the distance between the marks starting point and the label.

The starting point is defined by MarkPositionCentered to be either the pie perimeter false or center true. MarkDistancePercent , if set to true , interprets Marks. Distance as percentage of the pie radius. Otherwise it is in image units.

If RotateLabels is true, each label is additionally rotated so that if LabelFont. If the Y value of a data item is set to NaN, the item is skipped. If the X value is set to NaN, the item is not drawn, but the space for it is still reserved. This allows drawing of "partial" pie diagrams. Pie charts have limited support for 3-d drawing.

The property Depth determines the thickness of the pie. Orientation supplements the normal view poNormal with an oblique view of the reclined poHorizontal and upright poVertical pie series, the latter two being controlled by property ViewAngle in degrees between 0 and TPolarSeries represents data as points in polar coordinates. The origin of the polar coordinate system is defined in graph coordinates by OriginX and OriginY properties. For each data point, X value is interpreted as an angle in radians and Y value -- as a distance from the center.

Note that using TChart. Canvas directly is highly discouraged and will often not work as expected. Functional series are recommended way to draw functional plots as opposed to, for example, pre-calculating function data and using line series.

They provide scale-independent controls of smoothness vs drawing speed. TFuncSeries represents a one-dimensional function defined by the OnCalculate event. The function is calculated for each Step pixels of the image, so you can use this property to increase either "smoothness" or drawing speed. The Extent property may be used to set both x and y extents for the purpose of calculating full extent of the chart.

While drawing, however, this property is ignored, and the function will be displayed according to the current extent. The DomainExclusions property allows to exclude some intervals from the function domain. Intervals defined by DomainExclusions are closed by default, i. The DomainExclusions. Epsilon property controls the distance between endpoint and last drawn point of course, in case of an open interval, the curve begins immediately at the end point. Epsilon can be adjusted in the rare cases that the default value of 1E-6 does not produce correct results.

The TExpressionSeries is similar to the TFuncSeries , but the function is specified as a mathematical expression string such as 'sin 1. The series creates an instance of the FPExpressionParser to analyze the string and to calculate the function values.

WMF marked 90 +9 (in a box)

Discussion in ' Metalware ' started by Abegweit , Jul 24, Log in or Sign up. Antiques Board.

A view of Geislingen factory taken from the WMF headed form. One of my "Hungarian" tea glass holders.

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. We have been trying to figure out what time range this WMF piece came from and if anyone can tell us any more about it. We still don't know what the H stands for.

Quick links. More like a commercial grade restaurant ware. Unfortunately, with a swastika in the center it would have been the same design used on pins during the Winter Olympics under the administration of Benny Hill's alter ego So, apparently a long used logo. There seems to be differing opinions on the dating of the WMF marks here Pattern name? Ski bums A matching set of six in California shows the 18 mark should be in a diamond, and the W-uber-MF is also enclosed in bars lacking the arch above. There is a dubious claim of this being "Garmisch Ski Resort".

WMF - IKORA vase - age mark help

The Wurtemberg Electro Plate Company was founded in the year with 16 workers. His first attempt was at the machinery of the family mill. He was very successful at an early age. At that time the industrial revolution in Wurtemberg took big steps forward thanks to the railway and the many factories that opened their doors.

Katerina athanasaki. Buying and dating from the ancient form of his argument drawn from trusted education program pilot.

Account Options Sign in. Ancient Egyptian Materials and Industries. Lucas , J. The majesty and splendor of ancient Egypt were largely the result of the remarkably advanced technological skills developed by its artisans and craftsmen.

File:Wmf logo incorrect skewed.jpg

TAChart is a package for drawing graphs, charts and other diagrams. It is comparable in features , but not specifically compatible , with Delphi's TeeChart package. One substantial difference is that some features e. This design gives increased flexibility and opportunity for code re-use, but at the cost of a slightly more complex API.

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons. The description on its description page there is copied below. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. From Meta, a Wikimedia project coordination wiki.

Art Nouveau Wmf Silver Britannia Plate Card Tray Lady In Lake With Snake Model 249

Description Very pretty art nouveau silver plated card or jewellery tray by WMF dating from c. Modelled as a young woman up to her waist in a lake with a water snake curled around the other side of the water. Nice lilypad and flower detail as well. Marked to the base model number and with a full set of WMF marks, "B" for Britannia plate and "Ox" for oxidised finish. It measures Condition is good: there has been some wear to the plate coating on the figure, but the under metal is white so there is no colour difference, and so displays well. Light surface wear otherwise.

❤️Dating wmf marks · GitBook Wmf, Dating, Art Deco, Stamp, Silver Wmf Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik - Secessionist Photograph Frame Wmf Circa.

В глазах Клушара вспыхнуло возмущение. - У немца. Его взял немец.

TAChart documentation

Мне нужно доложить об этом Стратмору, - подумала она, - и как можно скорее. ГЛАВА 38 Хейл остановился в центре комнаты и пристально посмотрел на Сьюзан.

- Что случилось, Сью.

- Похоже, вышла какая-то путаница.  - Он положил руку на плечо Чатрукьяна и проводил его к двери.  - Тебе не нужно оставаться до конца смены. Мы с мисс Флетчер пробудем здесь весь день.

- Это совершенный квадрат.

Какого черта тебе надо? - прорычал он хриплым голосом - с явным нью-йоркским акцентом. Сдерживая подступившую к горлу тошноту, Беккер успел заметить, что все пассажиры повернулись и смотрят на. Все как один были панки. И, наверное, у половины из них - красно-бело-синие волосы.

Похоже, она от меня не отвяжется. И он решил не реагировать на сообщение. ГЛАВА 79 Стратмор спрятал пейджер в карман и, посмотрев в сторону Третьего узла, протянул руку, чтобы вести Сьюзан за. - Пошли. Но их пальцы не встретились. Из темноты раздался протяжный вопль, и тут же, словно из-под земли, выросла громадная фигура, эдакий грузовик, несущийся на полной скорости с выключенными фарами.

Секундой позже произошло столкновение, и Стратмор, сбитый с ног, кубарем покатился по кафельному полу шифровалки.

Хейл удивленно поднял брови. - Ах какие мы скрытные. А ведь у нас в Третьем узле нет друг от друга секретов.

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