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Richard George Manuel April 3, — March 4, was a Canadian composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as a pianist and lead singer of The Band. The five members existed from December as The Hawks, becoming The Band in , effectively breaking up in , then re-formed in Manuel was with them until his suicide, a few hours after The Band performed a show. Manuel's singing alternated between a soul -influenced baritone that drew frequent comparisons to Ray Charles and a delicate falsetto. Though The Band had three vocalists sharing lead and harmony parts, Manuel was often seen as the group's primary vocalist. Manuel was born in Stratford, Ontario , Canada.


Instrumental: A Memoir of Madness, Medication and Music by James Rhodes – review

Forgot your password? Well my bassman who also plays keys scored a pretty incredible vintage Rhodes on Craigslist yesterday and as the resident band geek, I'm trying to get some information for him. Doing a lot of googling and spending a bit of time over at the Super Site - fenderrhodes. Unreal shape. All keys etc sound, action is really good throughout, clean as a whistle inside, tolex etc all in great condition, controls - vibrato etc.

Seems like a real peach! In an effort to verify some things, LOTS pictures and then some questions Using the 4 digit stamp at top right on the inside, I'm dating this thing to 51st week of ' This would seem right as the controls are the concentric vol, tone and vibrato pots and the badge is Rhodes, not Fender Rhodes whihc I understood started in '75 but perhaps this one was one of the first to drop the "Fender" on the name plate.

It IS badged Fender Rhodes as you can see below - so maybe it's from earlier in ' Last two digits of its serial number ar 74, so that makes sense. As you can see this thing is in amazing shape. All parts work great, except for one thing.

It's just not very loud. I've read I can do that with the "1 Accesory" output on the suitcase itself OR through the extrnal speaker jacks on the amp. What I don't know is what type of cables. CAn I use a regular instrument cable to patch out of the suitcase to en external amp? Do I need a speaker cable to patch out of the amp into a separate cabinet without amp? Not sure and don't want to fry anything. Might have one or two not firing.

The guitarist in me is thinking some Weber speakers or others might be great replacements for the Utahs I think are in this thing - higher efficiency etc. How do you adjust pickup height on individual or all keys? A couple of the keys don't sound as loud as their neighbor. Sorry I know this post is a beast. I'm a guitarist and out of my element. This looks like at least 2 or perhaps 3 different rhodes put together.. My Rhodes is from about the same era, purchased new in early '76 but probably manufactured in ' The top looks identical to yours but the speaker cabinet doesn't have any "Fender" on it.

The first 3 digits of the speaker cabinet serial number on mine are Welcome to the club I've heard some awesome Rhodes samples but there's nothin' like the real thing, baby! Thanks guys! Here's a post from the Rhodes Forum whihc I think tells the story on why this model has some inconsistent dating trends. Seems really to be a model built right during the transisition from "Fender Rhodes" to just plain "Rhodes". As we know, Fender was not shy about using whatever old parts they had around to finish the job!

You have one of the rare transition models that I haven't seen as of yet, and I've seen a lot of Rhodes pianos. This is right when the transition was taking place for , very late This is technically not either a "Rhodes" or "Fender Rhodes.

If you notice, the large white "Rhodes" on the poweramp is inscribed and can't be easily swapped like a logo can. However it appears they were still using up the "Fender" serial badges for the poweramp No one would go through the process of installing a "Fender" serial badge on the amp.

So, suffice it to say I can't say whether the large "Fender Rhodes" logo on the suitcase cabinet is original, it could really be either. My guess would be that it actually is the original logo, with the original look of this Rhodes and the wear evidence on the logo, though it contradicts the "Rhodes" logo on the namerail on the front.

Well enough about the history, these models aren't blasting loud but they should certainly be loud enough to be heard with a band. First thing to check would be if both amp channels are working, they commonly blow. Turn the vibrato on, and set the intensity max to the right, and the speed to the left, slowest. You should hear continuous Sound with a pan from right to left.

This means you're only operating 2 out of 4 speakers. Also, if you turn your volume up to about 6, 7 or 8, if you hear a great deal of distortion crackling you may need to have the amp rebuilt.

The piano volume controls will be bypassed as well. The guy I got it from said he bought it new in early '75 and he seemed pretty reliable but ya never know Not sure about the Torrington tines not an expert on this though I think these were on the "really old" models from the 60s When I have seen people with rhodes these days they all seem to haev the modern tines These things are sick fun. This perceived downturn in the economy will have keyboard players throwing Hohner Clavinet D6 models out window for me to catch next I hope!

I scored my rhodes from a rentless college student. I paid him well for it though so everyone won. Well, I have a rhodes now, so maybe i won more.

Yep, Torrington Tines did not hold up as well as the newer Tines that are tapered as you move away from the base. The original tines had a different sound and could actually break off from the base of the tine, even if you didn't hit the note real hard. Some players in rock bands had a hard time being heard at all with those early Rhodes and went through tines at an pretty fast pace.

My Mark 1 was mfg just before they introduced the Mark II, a good thing for me. My Mark 1 sounds great after all these years. I never had any problems with it. I enjoy sitting down an playing more now than ever.

I retired it to my music room in and there it remains, safe and sound. I have flight cases for it sitting in my storage shed, which I never make use of, kind of a shame, but i have no intention of moving the Rhodes again. Good luck with your "new" Rhodes Got rid of my Mark 1 Stage 73 back when I thought my gigging days were over.

Used to do a lot of that tweaking myself though. Got quite adept at it, and cutting to length and replacing the tines. But since it's a bear to describe in words, here are a couple of pointers for you and other Rhodes owners on the forum. Sometimes I miss the old beast, but I must admit my sciatic nerve does not share my nostalgia Singin' Dave do you also get a poor signal from the outs like this? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Contact Us Feedback Existing user? Recommended Posts. Posted January 23, Hi all! Anything I should look for to know I've got a problem other than dead keys? Thanks SD. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Oh man Im sorry but you two foolish people have obviously been taken. The best you can do is try to sell it to recoup at least part of your investment. Coincidentally, I just happen to be looking for an old crappy beat up rhodes on the cheap If you need my assistance on this matter, u know what to do I jest.

So its a mixture of parts I think Enjoy the mongrel I would not recommend replacing the speakers as they're specific 32 Ohm speakers.

1975 Rhodes Stage 73 Super Satellite Electric Piano Mk I, Fender Suitcase w/ Legs, Pedal, Hangtags

Forgot your password? Well my bassman who also plays keys scored a pretty incredible vintage Rhodes on Craigslist yesterday and as the resident band geek, I'm trying to get some information for him. Doing a lot of googling and spending a bit of time over at the Super Site - fenderrhodes. Unreal shape. All keys etc sound, action is really good throughout, clean as a whistle inside, tolex etc all in great condition, controls - vibrato etc.

How old is my Rhodes? This is one of the more frequently asked questions of our workshop when pianos are brought in for restoration or repair. If you lift up the vinyl lid of your Rhodes you will find that there is a four digit stamp red, blue, or black depending on the year that will tell you what week of what year your Rhodes is from.

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. What year was it made? Author Topic: How old is my Rhodes?

Richard Manuel

Account Options Sign in. McFarland Amazon. David C. An Oscar-winning Best Actress for her tour-de-force role in Come Back, Little Sheba , Shirley Booth would ultimately win every major acting award that could be bestowed on an actress. This, the first biography of the beloved star, provides complete coverage of a career that encompassed theater, film, radio, and television, and co-stars such as Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. It begins with Shirley's childhood in Brooklyn, and her rebellious decision to become an actress against the wishes of her strict father. Included is complete coverage of her tumultuous marriage to radio comedian Ed Gardner of "Duffy's Tavern" fame , and a second, happier union that ended abruptly with her husband's death of a heart attack. Readers of this exhaustively researched biography will come to know a versatile and gifted star whose career spanned almost 60 years. Appendices provide extensive details of her Broadway, film, radio and television episode-by-episode credits.

Richard Carpenter (musician)

What year was it made? We don't have much data on the serial numbers, but you can still determine the production year by looking inside the piano. There are two 4-digit date codes, one on the pickup rail and one on the tonebar rail. The code on the pickup rail is located on the right-hand side, beneath the part number. According to Steve Woodyard, this is the week the pickup rail was completed, which was normally 1 to 4 months prior to the day the piano was finished.

James Rhodes British Pianist 45 years old Single. The British Pianist was born in England on March 6,

Richard Lynn Carpenter born October 15, is an American musician, record producer, songwriter, and music arranger, who formed half of the sibling duo The Carpenters alongside his sister Karen. He has had numerous roles including record producer, arranger, pianist, keyboardist, lyricist, and composer, as well as joining with Karen on harmony vocals. His father was born in China , where his own parents were missionaries, and was educated at boarding schools in England , [5] before working in the printing business.

Who is James Rhodes Dating Now?

Imogen Blake. Picture: Polly Hancock. Stephen Jackman, head of music, invited Mr Rhodes to play at the school after hearing him speak about a documentary he is making about music education. Click the link in the yellow box below for details.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Is this the best Rhodes plug-in to date?? - Acousticsamples VTines MK 1

Among the most ardent of electric piano enthusiasts, the name Buz Watson has become synonymous with the golden age of Fender Rhodes production. For a brief period—just over six months, ranging from roughly November through June of the following year—that name appeared sporadically, stamped in red ink, on top of Rhodes harp brackets. While these dates were already considered to yield highly desirable instruments thanks to unrelated but palpable production features, the occasional presence of this stamp has advanced the theory that Buz Watson was an innovator whose work was distinguished enough to stand out from what was otherwise anonymous factory labor. Within the resurgent vintage keyboard market, instruments bearing his name are now often referred to as "Buz Watson models," implying that they contain a special ingredient of sorts that somehow separates them from all other Rhodes pianos. Whether or not this trend can be traced to any tangible qualities within the pianos themselves, however, has proven difficult to ascertain.


Start by learning Python or Ruby first, then go with Objective-C. We need to learn French first. How does that make any sense? However, for some this has seemingly boiled down to one argument against it:. Maybe you are bothered by that. Sucks to be you, you stunningly hot solider boy. But Ta-Nehisi Coates puts a coating of understanding on it in the Atlantic :. What men understand all to well is precisely how heterosexual men generally look at women.

Richard Lynn Carpenter (born October 15, ) is an American musician, record producer, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, ARP Odyssey, Fender Rhodes electric piano, The couple had been dating since the late s.

At numerous points in his life James Rhodes was so set on self-destruction that survival to the age of 40 seemed improbable, to say the least. The fall failed to break his neck but he was dangling there, choking to death, when a guard walked in. But for that and other life-saving interventions, the book would never have been written. It might never have been published, either. They took a shine to each other.

Thanks for your business! You rock! If we can help with anything in the future please don't hesitate to ask. We ship worldwide via FedEx.

I just got my book in the mail, and I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen. I'm a publisher, so I know something about book design, and whoever designed Classic Keys really knew what they were doing. This thing is just gorgeous, from the flawless editing to the perfect typography to the stunning photographs.

The History of Music Production. Richard James Burgess.

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