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Dating hummel figurines

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The true value of a Hummel is owning a beautiful object that is meaningful to you and your family. However, the rarity and demand of some models have drawn high prices online and at auction. But some rare, intricate Hummels can be sold for thousands of dollars at auction. In the early s, the art of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel started appearing on post cards throughout Germany and Switzerland. These images of children in pastoral settings caught the eye of Franz Goebel, director of the porcelain company W.

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MI Hummel Factory Marks and History

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For your enjoyment only. This is my own personal vintage dog figurine collection. They are not for sale. I have been collecting dog figurines for many years now. By far the ones made by Goebel are my absolute favorites. There is just something about them. Perhaps it's their deep colors or the way most of them look so realistic. Looking at them makes me smile.

Here are some interesting tips on Goebels. Goebel is a German company. She was the artist for the famous Hummels. She was born in May 21, in Massing, Bavaria, Germany. In Franz Goebel obtained an exclusive license to translate her drawings into three-dimensional figurines. Hummels are Goebels because it was the Goebel company that produced the items. Hummel is the artist. The first Hummels were sold in Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel died on Nov.

Hummels are the figurines that are based on M I Hummel's art. Most Goebels are not Hummels, as the Goebel company used many different artists over the years. Hummels were only a small part of their line.

Therefore Goebels do vary in their style depending on which artist they are based from, but Goebel does an excellent job at not only choosing great artists but bringing out the best in the pieces when transforming the art into a 3D figurine.

Another famous artist that worked for Goebel was Walter Bosse. Bosse was born on November in Vienna. He worked for Goebel in Oeslau between and He made a lot of unique odd-looking pieces. The Goebel company changed their trademark logo several times over the years.

In order to determine the date of a Goebel figurine one must look at the logo. The Goebel company used different logo trademarks throughout the years that help collectors determine how old their piece is. Sometimes a figurine will contain a date stamp, however this stamp is the date the mold was made, not necessarily the date the piece was made. The trademark dates are as follows. Below are some examples of the different trademarks taken from my own figurines.

I do not have examples of all of the trademarks yet. This trademark is the symbol of a crown. Under the crown are the letters WG overlapping one another, which are the initials of William Goebel.

These very first Goebels did not contain the bee or the V in their trademark. The mark was either incised into the porcelain as shown above or stamped on with green, blue or black ink, shown below. When two crown marks appear on the same figurine it is called a double crown mark.

Pictured is a double crown mark, meaning the mark appears twice on the same piece. This one has the mark stamped in green and an incised mark below it. The incised mark is hard to see in this picture. The number 23 appears between the marks, which is the item number of the figurine. Pictured is a double crown mark. One in blue ink under the glaze and the other incised. The incised mark is narrower than the stamped mark, meaning the crown is spaced closer together and the edges of the W do not fan out.

It was in that the Goebel company implemented the bee and the V in memory of Sister M. Hummel, the artist behind the famous Hummel figurines. Hummel means bumble bee in German. The V stands for Verkaufsgesellschaft, which means a sales company. The word Germany is stamped in black beside it.

This image shows the TMK-2 logo with the full bee inside the V. Around the bee and V is an engraved circle. To the right you can see Foreign stamped in black.

This image shows an example of the trademark 3 of a small bee deep inside the V. Around the V is an engraved circle. This particular mark was used on some pieces between and Another mark they used during the trademark 3 time period was of a small bee inside a V with the words W.

Germany to the bottom right of the V. The three-line trademark 4 TMK-4 Goebel logo—this particular mark was used between and The three-line mark is of a large V with a bee inside it. To the right are the copyright symbol C and the word by. The second line says W. The third line says W. The silver and blue sticker that is sometimes used instead of a stamp—I find that some of the dog figurines Goebel used a sticker rather than the stamp.

This may be because some of the dogs were so dark-colored that there was no way a blue or black stamp would have shown up on the figurine and the small paws of the dog were not a large enough area for the logo. That's my guess on the reason. Goebels usually have a number engraved into them as well as the trademark logo. Image showing the Goebel mark of the bee inside of the V right next to the words W Germany; above that is a w with the words Goebel.

The G in Goebel is written in a fancy font. Image showing the Goebel mark of the bee inside of the V right next to the words 'W Germany'. Above that is a 'w. The 'G' in 'Goebel' is written in a fancy font. The bee inside the V above the 'bel' in the name Goebel; below that it reads 'W Germany'.

This particular one was stamped above the glaze, meaning there is no glaze over the trademark logo stamp. The name Goebel with W. Starting in the logo once again included a bee. Some versions have the name Goebel with Germany directly below the name in a smaller font. Under the Germany is a symbol of a crown. Below that is a W and a 'G' overlapping one another. The crown marks only appear on Hummels. They will not appear on the other figurines.

The name Goebel with a large bee in between the 'bel' in the name Goebel; under that it reads Germany. There is no V. The figurines also have the Goebel trademark stamps. The Goebel company bought the Cortendorf company in and renamed it Cortendorf W.

Image showing the Cortendorf logo of a crown with a C under it with a rectangle around it. On the left of the rectangle it reads, Western.

On the bottom it reads, Germany. To the right of the rectangle it once said, Made in however the words are worn off. The Goebel Figurines For your enjoyment only. Pictured is the Goebel crown mark stamped on a figurine in green ink. Pictured is the Goebel crown mark stamped on a figurine in dark green ink.

Pictured is the incised Goebel crown mark. This mark is narrower than the one shown above. The full bee inside the V. Schaubach-Kunst is the artist. Goebel is the owner of the company. Germany below it. Germany to the right of the V. This is an example of the Goebel trademark 5 logo which contains the copyright symbol.

Hummel figurines

There seems to be more confusion to this than what I had thought. Berta Hummels are manufactured in the Far East under the strict supervision of Goebel. They are made of bisque porcelain.

When they were first created the figurine series designation or mold numbers had not yet been set up. When the Convent and Sister Hummel made the historic contract with Franz Goebel, it was agreed that her signature, her personal stamp of approval, would appear on every piece.

Hummel figurines is short, and well-known by most porcelain collectors: Franz Goebel, of W. Goebel quickly signed an agreement to produce porcelain figurines based on her artwork, and introduced the first M. Hummel figurines in General Store , that really gave M. Hummel figurines their start.

Dating a Goebel Figurine (NOT Hummel) Unmarked - without a trademark

While the majority of antique enthusiasts know of or collect Hummel Figurines , the later produced Hummel Plates were not as widely collected. While some Hummel Figurines are priced well into the thousands, their cousins, the Hummel Plates are worth a lot less. A few months ago we covered the famous Hummel figurines. In this article I have listed the top 10 rare Goebel Hummel figurines and their current values. This means that they may return for a special occasion under a new Hum number extension. Hummel Figurines are showcased in many antique collectors cabinets. These porcelain ornaments were often gifted by soldiers in Germany to family back home in America.

Your Guide to Rare Hummel Figurines

Hummel figurines also known as M. Hummel figurines or simply Hummels are a series of porcelain figurines based on the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel , O. The sketch art of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel began to appear in the s in Germany and Switzerland, mostly pastoral drawings of children. The German art publisher Ars Sacra was involved in the early popularization of the art on postcards. Hummel's "art cards" became popular throughout Germany , catching the eye of Franz Goebel, porcelain maker and head of W.

Welcome to The Prudent Collector where we we have prepared a guide showing you how to date and authenticate your Hummel figurines according to their trademark stamps.

Hummel figurines were first made commercially available. Subtle variations have been noted, but the illustration to the left is all you need to identify the trademark. Those subtle differences are of no important significance to the collector. The letters WG below the crown in the mark are the initials of William Goebel, one of the founders of the company.

History of Hummel Figurines -How to Value Old Hummel Figurines

Hummel Figurine, Sister. Many people associate Germany with Hummel Figurines, and presumed that we would have loads of them in our home. Actually, while I was growing up, my mother always had just one Hummel Figurine displayed in her Living Room Schrank… a little girl walking with a basket.

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Hummel Marks & Trademarks Reference Guide - Date and Authenticate Your Hummel Figurine

Hummel Figurines have been a part of many peoples lives over the year. Boys and girls doing everyday duties from picking apples to delivering letters. Now you may want to find out the age of the Hummel Figurine you remember so fondly. If you are looking for a Hummel value chart then read the M. To find out how old your Hummel is look on the underside of your Hummel Figurine and find the Goebel stamp or makers mark. This mark is the official trademark of Goebel.

The Goebel company changed their trademark logo several times over the years. In order to determine the date of a Goebel figurine one must look at the logo.

For your enjoyment only. This is my own personal vintage dog figurine collection. They are not for sale. I have been collecting dog figurines for many years now.

Hummel Trademark Chart

Genuine Unmarked Goebel Figurine Hi All This enquiry concerns a small about 5 inches , very modest Goebel figurine of a boy digging in the garden. It is marked NM , 0A. I purchased it from an elderly lady at a church bazaar many years ago here in the US. I have always been a random collector of ceramic items, bought only because they had a certain attraction.

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Hummel Marks & Markings

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