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Rsd how to get a girlfriend

Become truly love worthy, obliterating the walls and roadblocks that have led to self-sabotage in the past. This is the antidote to every single false assumption, misconception, and mistake you have EVER made in your relationships. We will eliminate the useless belief systems that are preventing you from attracting a perfect 10, and reverse the YEARS of limiting social conditioning that is literally keeping you shackled to the rock of mediocrity. On top of that, we will give you the 3 Critical Self-Assessments that will reveal which paradigm you are in, and how to get to the next level:. We will lay down the CORE principles to becoming a sex-worthy and love-worthy alpha male that women lust over and want to be with. Have women naturally gravitate towards you because of your alpha male presence.

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21 Signs She’s Girlfriend Material

Started by brugluiz , May 12, Posted May 12, Since I watched Leo's rant about pick up, I became more aware of my selfishness and I'm taking care about things I learn and watch. I used to watch RSD Nation's stuff and some of their teaching makes sense but there are some nuances that I don't approve.

The thing is: RSD Nation teaches how to evolve your life in general, but they leave a little piece of selfishness in their material. I get confused because I don't know if I should connect with my dark side, be "selfish" and go out to bang girls. Going out would help with a lot of things. I thought I was clear about my life purpose, but I'm not. Wondering here if these kind of experiences that PUA community can offer me will help me find my purpose or it will just make me blind about my selfishness.

Posted May 12, edited. I've got the same dilemma. I follow a lot of RSD. Got a girlfriend recently and got a ton of new insights for myself on how I want to interact and to be with women. Got kinda disappointed by just hollow sexual experience. I lean more towards stuff that Leo teaches about women. Then, you can filter some of their philosophy when they go too nuts on what isn't in alignment with you.

That's what I think. I'm very interested to also hear what other guys who watch RSD and other content like this think. Posted May 13, You're probably a really nice guy.

You actually would be a great catch for a girl and could really add value to her life. But how does you not knowing how to attract her and just sitting at home help anybody? You're looking at RSD and seeing that it makes sense. You're seeing that you could actually have success in this area. But because it would require change, your mind is resisting it.

It's throwing on the brakes. Ask yourself this: does it piss you off that some douchebag club promoter out there is fucking all the girls you want? Because it should. He's not going to bring them up, he's just going to give them some drugs, fuck them and then leave them. And he will have no moral crisis about it. Why are you the only person who doesn't seem to deserve a girl? Why are you the only one who seems to get screwed? If you don't embrace that part of you, you are going to create a rift in your consciousness, and that "dark side" part will find an outlet subconsciously anyway.

It may even sabotage you. And actually, it is not a "bad" part. Actually people should learn to be selfish because they are usually conditioned not to be authentic, not to put themselves in the first place, to have no boundries, to be people-pleasing and so on.

People should do something to counteract that mainstream propaganda. And then you can actually be a kind of self-aware good asshole who will give fun-seeking women what they want and not hurt them with some shitty treatment, while you are learning your pua skills. Isn't that cool? I agree with Kimasxi and aurum.

Don't fall into the trap of being a moral perfectionist. Don't stumble uncounciously into martyrdom. Our minds are ecosystems of competing sub-minds.

Self-acceptance is about accepting the totality of this eco system, not just the noblest parts. Sometimes we have strong undeniable yearnings that we are not proud of.

Whether we like it or not, those are part of us. Rejecting parts of ourselves is the essence of neurosis. Anyone frequenting Actualized. It's all about balance. My first published essay. I understand this part of having the girl I deserve.

I already applied some RSD concepts and I had success. I know those principles work. Leo's rant opened a door for me to understand that maybe I shouldn't be so selfish I thought just about sex and was not so selective with girls. It made me want to understand some other aspects of life like actualization. I think my resistance comes from the aspect if I'm doing the right thing. If pick up is not all that bad thing all about selfishness and ego like Leo exposes in his video, maybe I have a calling for it.

Game is not about banging girls. And of course there is nothing selfish at being amazing and providing a great experience for other people and the girl you're dating.

Also, of course, your own survival IS selfish, thus it's a kinda pointless statement. Yeah ego IS indeed egoic.

Posted May 14, Think of pickup as a tool, like a hammer. You can hit yourself in the head with it or you can use it to build something amazing. That's up to you. Forget about Leo's rant. I'm sure it was aimed at very specific behaviors that certain men exhibit.

Pickup isn't an option: it is a necessary survival skill for men in modern societies. Embrace both the dark aspects of your soul just like you do the light. This will lead to ultimate self acceptance. Posted May 22, Arrogance, a certain kind of it, not as in the aggression type or dealing with problems, but more like overly critical, skeptical or overlookingly arrogant, is what feels off about them. Posted May 23, I completely agree with you.

I'm new to the game and I'm benefiting from losing my nice guy syndrome, and connecting with my core. I just find it fascinating. You can't be enlightened, no one can. Check "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert A. Glover for more information, really eye opening book. I can imagine it's advice they received as children: "treat others nicely to be liked" combined with desperation in the form you described. We are generations raised by women, and women value security and conformity a lot.

Thus they educated us and our fathers to be losers who conform to social norms. The nice guy is the default man of today and it's a byproduct of mothers and female education. Breaking free of it is a powerful form of emancipation from women, and this is why it's attractive. Posted May 24, The problem with making a black and white critique of the PUA community is that there is no definitive way to do pickup.

Every guy gets in it for their own reasons and leaves with different results. I've seen tons of guys come through PUA at this point. It's true that the majority are not really using it as a tool to grow. They just learn a bit theory, go out, and get wasted at the local dive bar. I was the same way. I was a 21 year old college student who just wanted to get laid when I found the community. I didn't give a shit about "self-actualization" or "spiritual growth". So does that mean there's a problem with PUA?

Or is the tool being misused by people who don't really have an intention to grow in the first place? Anyone who argues that you can't grow spiritual doing pickup is wrong. But you have use it the right way. This is such a limiting belief for guys who are trying to learn this stuff.

How to get a girlfriend

You feel that familiar little pang of embarrassment and shame because you know how weird you must look to them. Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Jonathan Roseland.

Girlfriend Recreation: -Is the first pickup program that helps you recreation her, get her, AND protect her. Turning into Love Worthy Flip into actually love worthy, obliterating the partitions and roadblocks which have led to self-sabotage so far.

Post a Comment. Free Cutting Edge Dating Advice for the discerning male. Here's Why I watched the latest video where Tyler is in Hawaii, another one with him and Jeffy in Vegas talking about how they're "old" now, and a third video that seemed to be highlighting several different cities across america an abroad.

How To Get A Girlfriend in 2019 (Mainstream UNFRIENDLY Guide)

At the end of the day, perhaps what we are yearning for is to have someone who will be a constant part of our lives, day-in and day-out. One tricky part of the dating cycle is knowing when to transition from casually going out and getting to know each other to officially being in a relationship. She loves and accepts you for who you are Love means taking everything in — the good, the bad, and the unknown. Being with someone who accepts you for who you are will make you more comfortable and at ease to show your true personality. Like any normal human being, we all have flaws. And being with a loving woman means being respected despite the negative traits that you possess. An ideal partner would never try to change you forcibly just to comply with a specific set of standards. Furthermore, being with a woman whom you can be crazy with, without the fear of being judged or frowned upon, is a telltale sign of being with someone for keeps.

The Grow Podcast

Episode 4 features a very special and different guest, RSD Max, who is a full-time dating coach for the biggest self-help company in the world, Real Social Dynamics. Max has coached over thousands of men to become more confident and successful with women, has accrued over k subscribers on YouTube and has built the biggest brand within RSD. We delve deep into the topics of the role of a man in society, the tests that girls give guys, the importance of meeting lots of different women and screening for a quality girlfriend, the role of fitness and mindset and some of Max's craziest stories with females. Learn how to get fit for life. The Grow Podcast, Hosted by Oliver Anwar, shares insightful conversations with thought leaders, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and experts in their field to discuss growth throughout every aspect of life.

Try This ," Maxz asks this:. I recently had two girls who I was trying to bed ask me if I had a Girlfriend?

First of all, before I give you the process and principles of getting a girlfriend, you must be careful about what you wish for. Getting a girlfriend comes with it relatively constant sex, but it also involves responsibilities and the occasional sacrifice. So make sure first that this is your goal.

“Do You Have a Girlfriend?” Here’s How to Answer This

Started by brugluiz , May 12, Posted May 12, Since I watched Leo's rant about pick up, I became more aware of my selfishness and I'm taking care about things I learn and watch. I used to watch RSD Nation's stuff and some of their teaching makes sense but there are some nuances that I don't approve.

All I wanted was to feel accepted, loved, and respected. But there was something stopping me from letting it out. I would go out, only to watch all the other guys get the girls. You fail, and you fail, and you fail. But amidst the failure, every now and then you get a little taste of success — a smirk on the street, a kiss in the club, a same-night lay.

RSD Max: How To Get A Girlfriend in 2019 (Mainstream Unfriendly Guide)

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RSD Max: How To Get A Girlfriend in (Mainstream Unfriendly Guide). Posted by genius on April 7, pm. Tags: Categories: Recent Posts.

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