Why You Should Never Settle

I see it time and time again. People settling.

Settling with their jobs because it’s cushy and comes with two weeks of vacation days plus benefits even though they’re miserable.

The cities that they live in because they’ve lived there their whole lives.

The current significant other they’re with even though they aren’t everything they want them to be.

People settle because of sunk cost fallacy – the idea that they’ve already invested so much time and energy into something that they feel like it would be a waste to break ties with something or someone even though that something or someone isn’t doing them any good.

The idea of being comfortable – with anything – a mediocre paycheck, an unreliable partner, living in a less-than ideal neighborhood irritates the shit out of me. Life is too short for being okay with mediocre.

Let’s say in a relationship – You treat someone well and they put up half the effort –  you make them a priority, while they play games and treat you as an option – why would you ever deal with that? Or you want to be with someone who can travel, but you end up with someone who’s say a doctor and can never travel but you decided because they met 2 out of 3 criteria that they’re good enough – no that’s settling.

The crazy thing is there is NO REASON to settle – especially in relationships especially as there are 7 BILLION people on the planet and one of them is bound to meet your utmost desires in a person. The same thing goes with a career or business – just think about how many opportunities exist on a global scale. Want to travel and teach English in China? You can do that. Want to work at a start up in Malaysia? You can do that. There are literally boundless opportunities.

Everyday I walk around and I see people who have settled with their lives in one way or another. And they know it too. So they walk around depressed, wishing they had not taken the job they’re stuck in now or not married the person they come home to now. It’s fucking tragic.

People have so much more power and ability in what they can do if they only CHOSE to. And the hardest thing to do sometimes is to say NO to opportunities that exist right in front of you and waiting it out for something better because you deserve better. There’s an inherent risk in that, but would you rather take that risk and be happy or settle for the rest of your life?

Right now millions of people are waking up to head to jobs that they hate, not realizing that this is just one more day of their short lives being taken away to make someone else rich. Or they’re waking up next to someone who they KNOW isn’t their soulmate, but continue to be there even though they’re miserable inside. Don’t be one of these people.

What’s one thing in your life that you’re settling on now? The thing where you know there’s that feeling in your stomach where “I could do better” or “This isn’t what I had dreamt of.”

Whether it’s your job, your salary, the physical shape you’re in, the people you surround yourself with, a religion or set of beliefs, the way people treat you, or the person you’re dating – pinpoint that one thing and make a decision to stop settling today because nobody should be settling – especially you if you are reading this.

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  1. Great post. This is exactly how I run my life. It makes others intimidated, but it’s attracted all the right attention from the right people. Congrats on all your success; I would like to pick your brain over email one of these days.

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